Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend at the Cabin….

We had so much fun being together as a family up at the cabin….
Bubbles, scavenger hunts, lizard catching, bows and arrows,
ninja poses, rain and snow storms, swings and slides, mini carnivals,
long walks, fun games, great food and so much LOVE...

"and I could not ask for more!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Diamondbacks with Hermana Bond - Hardcastle

Hermana Hannah Bond Hardcastle was in town with her husband
on business and we were all able to go to the baseball game together.

Hannah's husband Landon is from Bountiful so he has always been a 
big Dodger fan.  It just so happened that the Dbacks were playing the Dodgers
while they were in town.  And the dang Dodgers beat us.
Congrats Landon.  It was really nice to spend time with them
and get to know Landon a little better

We also took my daughter Molly and her son Griffin with us.

Griff gets tired of taking pictures when there are so many other
things going on at the game.

It was Elvis night so we got to listen to a lot of the King's music
during the game.

Hardcastles ….  thanks for going to the game with us.
I wish I could take each one of my missionaries to the game with us.
See you soon!

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Walker's Birthday!

Our sweet Walker Watts is three years old!

We had the perfect party for Walker….  Star Wars was the theme!
 There were little Jedi's everywhere.

They brought Darth Vader, the piƱata, down with ease...

Papa T taught a fun Family Home Evening lesson

June Bug had her first sucker

and she was groovin' on that thing

The photo shoot with Mama Great was hilarious...

Oh well, we love her to pieces.  Sorry Mom!  You look adorable.

Thanks for the party Molly!

We love these kids to pieces

Especially the hippo teeth!