Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We've Got Honey!

We found a beehive under one of the eaves of our house.
They haven't been there long...  thank goodness.
The bee man told me that this hive will have about 2000 bees.

That freaked me out.

He got in there and had to kill the queen.
I didn't want to kill anything but I didn't want my walls
running with honey either.

He told me that when the rest of the hive arrives home
after a long day of work...
they might form a big black ball outside the dead hive
wondering what happened to their queen.

The bee man told me that he doesn't eat honey any more.
I guess the producing of honey is not a pleasant process.

I didn't want him to tell me anything else
because I love honey...

Thank you bees for the honey...
Thank you bee man for relocating this hive.
Fly away bees!

Oh dear...  I got curious.
Here you go...

Honeybees use nectar to make honey. Nectar is almost 80% water with some complex sugars. In fact, if you have ever pulled a honeysuckle blossom out of its stem, nectar is the clear liquid that drops from the end of the blossom. In North America, bees get nectar from flowers like clovers, dandelions, berry bushes and fruit tree blossoms. They use their long, tubelike tongues like straws to suck the nectar out of the flowers and they store it in their "honey stomachs". Bees actually have two stomachs, their honey stomach which they use like a nectar backpack and their regular stomach. The honey stomach holds almost 70 mg of nectar and when full, it weighs almost as much as the bee does. Honeybees must visit between 100 and 1500 flowers in order to fill their honeystomachs.
The honeybees return to the hive and pass the nectar onto other worker bees. These bees suck the nectar from the honeybee's stomach through their mouths. These "house bees" "chew" the nectar for about half an hour. During this time, enzymes are breaking the complex sugars in the nectar into simple sugars so that it is both more digestible for the bees and less likely to be attacked by bacteria while it is stored within the hive. The bees then spread the nectar throughout the honeycombs where water evaporates from it, making it a thicker syrup. The bees make the nectar dry even faster by fanning it with their wings. Once the honey is gooey enough, the bees seal off the cell of the honeycomb with a plug of wax. The honey is stored until it is eaten. In one year, a colony of bees eats between 120 and 200 pounds of honey.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Papa T is So Fun!

The grandkids could do this all day long.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day....

We had a fun family picnic for lunch today.

We went to the duck pond to feed our little friends...
but Bridget ate most of the bread the little boys threw to the ducks.

 She was wearing her best valentine outfit so we let her off the hook...

The Dads came for lunch and it was perfect weather....

The balloons were a big hit...

To be together is shear heaven....

especially in the small everyday things that most take for granted...
 These little bodies are learning all about our
Heavenly Father from their loving relationships with their earthly families.

Because of the heaven-designed pattern of the family, 
we more fully understand how our Heavenly Father 
truly loves each of us equally and fully.

We all want to walk in the light of His Love!

Thank you Heavenly Father for my Family....
I will love them forever!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh, Mexico....

We just returned from a beautiful trip to Puerto Vallarta...
Our hotel room was right on the beach with this spectacular view.

We went with a few couples from Terry's work.
We love to jet ski on the ocean...  there was zip lining through the jungle,
some of the group golfed... I spent time in the spa...
But my favorite thing is always whale watching.

We have done this many times but never have we seen
things like we did this time...

We were up and close and feeling the water from the blow holes....

There was a lot of breaching...  

We had two whales jumping completely out of the water back to back...
There was a darling baby whale breaching and playing....

 There were a ton a tails going down at the same time...
We were following a group of about 12 humpbacks....
This is rare to see so many together...

Then on the way back there was a male tail slapping for about 15 minutes....
It was incredible!

The trip was awesome...  Great friends, great place, great food...

 Thanks for the Fun!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Temple of God....

We were able to go through the Gilbert Temple Open House.
This beautiful edifice is just 20 minutes 
from our home.  
It will be dedicated on March 2...

But before it is dedicated... they are expecting 600, 000 people
to walk through and see the interior.

We went with our daughter Molly and her husband Landon.
They live just around the corner from this Temple.

We have gone through a couple of times and have taken friends
and family to enjoy and feel the spirit of this beautiful place.
We will be going a few more times, so if you need to go with 
someone,...  Call us!

Last week we also had our dear friend Brooke Walker and her husband
Marc Farnsworth come visit us while they were on a short 
weekend to Scottsdale.  We love your husband, Brooke.
Great Choice!

Thanks for stopping in...   Now, we need to get your parents here!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Disneyland with the Family!

We just returned from a wonderful week at Disneyland with the whole family.
I am a huge roller coaster rider...  but this trip to the park
I was scared on the rocket ride with Penny.

Times are a changin' and I would much rather be with these 
little babies than anything else.

These two babies start talking to each other when they are face to face..
they squeal with joy and try to grab each other...

Enjoy the pictures!