Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holiday Week... Alzar La Voz

We have had a few days of Holiday Celebrations going on all over the City
and in the different neighborhoods.

There were a few funny little parades ...

to honor the Independence Day of Peru.

Our missionaries love to be out with the people.
So holidays are the best for our missionaries.
They all head out to contact as many people as they can.

They can get a lot of referrals this way.

President Turk went out with a bunch of these missionaries contacting.

 Elder Retamal and Elder Elmer

 Elder Jaramillo and Elder Pickett

Elder Fajardo and Elder Cosigua
 Elder Romero and Elder Erickson

Elder Zetina and Elder Fernandez

There are so many photos... I can't list all the missionaries...
Use a magnifying glass and go find "Waldo"

Alzar La Voz means Raise the Voice... This is when Districts and Zones get together
to blitz one area for contacts and referrals.

This one was very successful.

The Patriarch and his Taxi

Last week the Laureles Zone decided to do a service project on the 
Temple grounds.  They gathered bags and bags of garbage.

It was a great service project and they all jumped in and did their part.
But what do you do with all these bags of garbage.

You call the Patriarch who drives a taxi.
He is the best.  I have seen his taxi stacked with mattresses for the Elders.
I have seen desks and chairs hanging out the back,
I have seen it full of gatorade and bananas
You name it, he has done it for our missionaries.
We love him!

For the next service project I would like a zone to please
Wash and Detail his Taxi for him.
Please make sure you sanitize and deodorize it very well.

Thank you Laureles Zone and Thank you Patriarch.
Les Amamos Mucho

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wedding Planners

This is Elder Ralph and Elder De Leon.

They are our wedding planners.
Well, they were the wedding planners for the mission last week.  
They had several couples needing to get married
so that they could be baptized.

Not many couples get married here in Trujillo.
It is a hassle with all the paper work and it costs money.
But if they want to be baptized they have to be married.

This is when our missionaries turn into the 

After all the planning and paper work and details
Elder Ralph said that he was never going to get married.
Ha Ha

They did a great job.
All of the couples were very happy to be married.

And now they were all ready to be baptized.
This is the proper step in the great plan of happiness
given to us through the 
Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Here are a few other pictures of the baptisms in the 
Porvenir Zone last week.

Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice Elders.
This is the work of the Lord
You will not fully understand the importance
of what you are doing until much later in your lives.
When these people have grown in the gospel 
and have been sealed together ...
they will thank you continuously.

These people will love you forever and ever...
and so do we.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day 

Today they have sworn in the new President.
We wish the best for this great Country of Peru.

We will have 3 or 4 nights of loud fireworks
and parties in the parks.  Yippy.

I love the red and white flag.
Bold and Clean

The people fly the flag that is just red and white... my personal favorite.

The emblem in the center on the flag below is flown by the government.

Here is the flag flying at the Lima Temple.

We feel so lucky to be here in Peru.  We have been treated so nicely.
The people are warm and the saints are wonderful. 
We thank Heavenly Father every day for the privilege to serve here
with all these glorious missionaries.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pet Penguins in Peru?

Elder Andersen and Elder Romero some of our Zone Leaders
were out in their area in Moche
and they came across
this sweet little

They couldn't  believe what they were seeing.

Yes... it was a Penguin!
This young boy has had this penguin as a pet for about 2 years.

He said that his father found it on the beach all by itself.
He brought it home and fed it anchovies.
When they took it back to the beach it just kept following them...

and they have had it ever since.
It is very comfortable with people and dogs obviously.

And it looks like he wants to take the lessons.
How Cute!

Hello Viru!

Elder Wright from Oregon and Elder Vera from Chile
are the Zone Leaders for Viru.

Elder Huaman and Elder Cotrina share the same love for 
Huacos as I do.  I am so happy.

Here is the whole Zone from Viru
along with the President and the Assistants.
Great Group...  We love them

Below are their names...

Elders Sandoval      Elder Huntington
Elder Serrano        Elder Zapana

Elder Cotrina      Elder Márquez
Elder Facer      Elder Rodriguez

Elder Barinas      Elder Chacaltana
Elder Glasgow      Elder Pickett

Elder Wright      Elder Quispe
Elder Mendoza      Elder Vera

Elder Cornejo      Elder Mamani
Elder Astoyauri      Elder Huaman

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rerun... Casa Grande

These fantastic missionaries were with us today in the offices.
They are good eggs.
I love to write things in my blog that will translate very funny.
Many of my readers only read in Spanish
So I wonder what they think of my wording.

While these gentlemen were singing a special number,
President Turk and I were whispering that they are all from
different Countries.  And they all get along so well.

These are the countries they are from...

Elder Briones - Ecuador
Elder Rivas - Chile
Elder Hargis - USA
Elder Ortellado - Paraguay
Elder Reyna - Peru
Elder Mendieta - Nicaragua

Elder Urbano on the left and Elder Weathers on the far right are the
 Zone Leaders for the Casa Grande group.

These Elders were all singing in English today.  They sounded great.

A few darts... Man I am a good photographer.  
I stopped those darts in mid air.

I am trying to get away from this little activity... 
but each group wants to try this game.

My beautiful Hermanas...

A few more photos for the moms.

Great things are happening in Casa Grande Zone.
We are proud of you.  Keep up the good work.

Love,   Me