Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Zone Leaders are Great!

These are our Fantastic Zone Leaders
We had our ZL Council today.
Match the unique facts to the pictures of them below.

Out of the first four pictures
One is a speedo wearing cliff diver
One starred in the production of "Joseph"
One is allergic to wheat - Celiacs disease
One has an identical twin serving in Mexico

Out of the second four: 
One of these writes lyrics to music
One loves broccoli so much it is his favorite food
One loves to dance the Salsa
One will not eat any fish

 Here are the third four facts:
One can blow up a balloon with his nose
One is a mecatronic engineer
One can make his tongue disappear
One was a high school basketball star 

The next four facts are:
One learned English from movies
One is king of Playstation
One is a trick cyclist on a BMX
One can tell a fantastic story with a little exaggeration

Out of these four:
One touched MC Hammer while he was singing
"Can't touch This"
One passed on being a professional soccer star
in Europe
One is like a chemist and loves to mix acids
One loves to drive his truck 

In these four you will find:
One who is not Japanese though his name says otherwise
One who loves to snowboard and bunji jump
One who is a great salsa dancer
One played college baseball

 Last Four you have:
A champion Chess Player
An excellent Pianist
a professional foosball player
One who loves to perform Peruvian folk dances