Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Patriarch and his Taxi

Last week the Laureles Zone decided to do a service project on the 
Temple grounds.  They gathered bags and bags of garbage.

It was a great service project and they all jumped in and did their part.
But what do you do with all these bags of garbage.

You call the Patriarch who drives a taxi.
He is the best.  I have seen his taxi stacked with mattresses for the Elders.
I have seen desks and chairs hanging out the back,
I have seen it full of gatorade and bananas
You name it, he has done it for our missionaries.
We love him!

For the next service project I would like a zone to please
Wash and Detail his Taxi for him.
Please make sure you sanitize and deodorize it very well.

Thank you Laureles Zone and Thank you Patriarch.
Les Amamos Mucho