Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday Night.... Saturday Night

We had a fun little dinner party friday night
with some of the missionaries in town.

And I am so on vacation or something...
I didn't take any pictures 
so here are a few from their facebook pages...

We had Jason Jay Ralph and his wife Rachel and baby Chloe/Khloe? over.
His baby girl is beautiful!
They have moved near the Mesa Temple...
We are excited to have them so close.

Elder Benfell Armstrong was there with his fiancé
Jodi Farnsworth...  Jodi and I were comparing family histories but
we are not closely related.  She and Ben make a great team.

Sam Anderson was there of course

And so was Elder David Frietz
We had some great mexican food
brought into our home
and we stayed and visited 'til late.  It was great FUN!

Saturday night we took the Hunsakers... Brent and Aubrey
and also Sam Anderson
to the wedding reception of 

 Elder Brennan Ogburn ...
Elder Ogburn was in our mission for several months
and then was divided off into the new Chiclayo Mission
with President Risso.

But he is still one of our missionaries.

Then Brent, Aubrey, Sam and Terry and I were
able to go to Dinner to Logan's
and catch up on each others lives...

Super weekend... thanks to all our dear missionary sons!

Missionary Prep Class and Sam

Look who came to Mesa for the Weekend...
Sam Anderson.
He was here for the perfect weekend.
We put him to work.

He helped us with our missionary prep class.
I thought that we would have about 10 in the class.
60 people showed up.

We are very excited.
We don't want to waste a minute of time.
The MTC experience is shortened 
so we want to make a difference
and have them all ready to roll.

Thank you Mesa East Stake for showing up...
This work is exploding!

We also want to thank the Mesa East Stake for coming
to the Adult Fireside tonight.
We thank you for your prayers and support
while we were in Trujillo too.

Mesa East Stake... is the best Stake EVER!

My Father's Grave

My Father's headstone was put in yesterday.

It is still very strange to think that he is gone.
We were away from him for three years
so it just feels like we are away from him still.

This is making it very real now....
I love that my name is on my parents headstone.
This is the back...

That is a lot of chiseling to do ....

Mom, it is beautiful.
I know that Dad loves it.
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Funny Story...

President Turk had a routine colonoscopy
this morning as part of his 
complete physical after the mission.
That's funny enough right?

Everything went well and the results 
were clear and normal


When the nurse brought me back into 
the recovery area
he was coming out of the anesthesia...  
He was proselyting to all 
of the nurses.  He had his recovery
nurse committed to serve a mission.
She was older and LDS and had been 
deciding if it was for her...
It seemed to hit a nerve with her and she
felt that it really was an answer
to her prayers.  I jumped in and 
testified that there is nothing better
than a mission... 

She was so focused on what we were
saying that she was giving us all the
wrong paperwork and having us sign
all the wrong documents.

I loved that when my husband was given
his truth serum- the anesthesia... that the 
missionary spirit still came pouring
out of him.

Don't worry... he would have been talking
about missions and the Gospel 
with or without the medication.

No colonoscopy photos will be included
You can thank me later!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Save the Date!

 Save the Date  
Friday,  4th of October ~ 6:00 pm

We will be having a fun mission reunion in Utah.
We have reserved space at Noah's 
in South Jordan

Bring a date or your spouse or just come...

We will have a taco and nacho bar from Cafe Rio's
and some great desserts.
There are big screens for the BYU vs USU game.
The game is in Logan so it will be fun to watch it together...
 Also photos and videos from the mission
 on the other big screen.

Spread the Word!

RSVP -  Facebook- Event Page
Please let us know if you are coming so that we get
plenty of food.

  South Jordan Location  
                                            322 W 11000 S
                                        South Jordan, UT 84095

How to get here: 
From I-15, take the 11400 South exit. Head west off the freeway, 
turn right at the first light (frontage road), 
take your second left past Walmart and Sam's Club. 

Questions?   Comments?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Home Evening... at the Aquarium!

We had a blast at the Aquarium...
The photos say it all.
There is nothing better than family!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Together Again...

Throughout Terry's life he has had a handful of 
dear friends that have been a constant.

They were known as the Gang in High School.
The biggest difference between the picture from high school 
and the one taken now would have to be HAIR!

No matter how much time has passed or the distance between them
they don't skip a beat when they get together.

The wives have always gotten along great...
We knew that we would have too...  there would be no choice.

Oh the stories that I could tell about these fine men...

Everyone of them has had triumphs and trials in their lives
and everyone of them has survived and thrived!

These men...
it's funny to call them men when they get together
because I feel like I am back in High School when I'm around all of them...

 These men...  have been such a support to each other.
Their love and loyalty runs deep.

It was a great reunion to be together again after three years.
Life is beautiful when you have great friends.

John Sezate, Brent Gardner, Paul Nielsen, Terry Turk, Lane Reynolds,
Dick Jones, and Brian Nissen

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Wishes...

We went to dinner with Terry's father 
for his birthday.

Happiest Birthday Dean...
We Love You!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Baby June's Blessing

Our sweet little June Bug was blessed today.
Her full name is 

"June Violet Turk"

This is Hali, our duaghter in law with my mom
and of course the sweetest baby.

My Dad was big on the name Violet...
So in honor of my Dad and his passing 
Parker and Hali named her June Violet.

We were so happy to be home for this baby blessing.
Now Tillman and Penny have a 
beautiful little sister.

We love you sooooo much 
Junie V.

We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for babies and family.

Terry and I spoke at a singles fireside tonight.
We were happy to share our experiences and testimonies.
It was great...  thanks for asking us.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Today Felt Like the Mission

This morning our nephew, Zach Collins
returned from his mission with honor
from Brazil.
We were not at the airport....

We were traveling to the mountains
to speak at a Youth Conference
on Missionary Work.

But we were back for the "Well Done Dinner" for Zach.

Today was just like being in the mission....
Traveling, speaking, feeding,
listening to missionaries...

Singing "Called to Serve" with tears streaming down my cheeks...
How long will this happen?