Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Update...

Guess what we have been doing?

Feeding Missionaries
Speaking in Church
Preparing talks!
We are speaking in Firesides, Youth Conferences,
Classes, Sacrament Meetings
Preparing for mission prep...  etc...

Hey, some things never change
except the language!

Update on Marvin Yat...
He is out of the hospital but still in Guatemala City
and he will be heading home to Coban
on Thursday... Yippy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Marvin Yat...

Here is an update on our returned missionary
Marvin Yat 
that was in an accident in Guatemala

He has had two surgeries so far.
They were both successful.
He has been moved out of the ICU.

We are so happy that Marvin is progressing
but very sad that the full time missionary
that was injured with him passed away.
(Elder Josh Burton from Canada)

We will continue to pray for all involved.

The Huacos Made it!

Everyone has asked me about my Huacos.
Well, Great News ...
They made it and so far all of them 
are in great condition.  We are still unwrapping them.

They did check each one in customs to make sure they 
were not authentic ancient artifacts...
We Laughed...
and then they called us and said that one was real.

One of our Elders received a Huaco from some members in Virú
and then he gave it to me...
I had no idea it was real.
The Customs office shipped it back to the Mission Office
and now Elder Fackrell is in charge of it.

The Huaco is hundreds of years old...  They are not worth anything
in the market but they are not allowed out of the country.

I love these little Ugga Buggas... 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Special Day...

When I walked into our Chapel today...
tears filled my eyes.
I saw so many good friends, my family
and these wonderful missionaries!
I can't tell you how great this was...  
I felt so happy and thankful for each one.

 Jaden Mecham, Nathan Northcott, Ben Wright, Cedar Glasgow,
Aaron Bennett, David Frietz, Craig Merkley, Mathan Bosse, Brent Hunsaker,
Erynn Shearman, Kaylee Sandstrom and Jane Jackson...
not pictured was Ben Armstrong who had to leave.
 We had some of the family members with them too....

 The Mecham family from Morgan, Utah
 Brent and his wife Aubrey
 The Hermanas from Provo were the big winners of the $100 
Where's Lando Game... Congratulations.
 Nathan Northcott jumped in with the Mechams...
 Mathan Bosse and his sweet wife...
Look at this baby... She is so darling
her name is Abigail.

Elder Merkley also drove from Provo.... so Nice!
And sweet Sister Frietz was there with her son.

We also had Elder Dow's parents from Las Vegas at our meeting
Elder Ordonez' parents were there...
Elder Glasgow's parents, Elder Chatwin's parents,
Elder Smith's family from Mesa,
and Elder Nelson's family from Gilbert were there too.

Oh I know I am forgetting people....  I am sorry.

A huge thank you to all who came.  We 
thank you all for your love and support.

We Love You!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Surprise ....

Tonight we had dinner with these dear missionaries
that traveled all day to be with us.
How fun is this that they would come to hear us speak?
Well, they are all in our will!

Elder Aaron Bennett, Elder Ben Wright, Elder Cedar Glasgow,
Hermana Jane Jackson,  Hermana Kaylee Sandstrom,
and Hermana Erynn Shearman...

We had a great night at Cheesecake Factory...
Our missionaries are the Best Ever!

Elder Marvin Yat Needs Our Prayers!

Our sweet Elder Marvin Yat
needs our prayers...

Elder Yat has been home from our mission for about 5 months.
He was in a car accident while he was out 
serving with the local missionaries in Coban this morning.

He and one of the full time missionaries... Elder Burton, were air-lifted
 to Guatemala City
to the best hospital for their surgeries and medical care.

Elder Yat broke his pelvis and has had one surgery already
and will probably need a couple more.
 Elder Burton had some internal bleeding and went into surgery also.
They are both in stable condition now.
 Elder Yat was a fantastic leader in our mission.
He was made a Zone Leader 6 months into his mission
and had great opportunities to serve
all the Trujillo Missionaries.

 Elder Yat was really one of the best fútbol players in the mission.
We are sad that he will be out of the sport
for awhile but we are praying for a full recovery.
We Love You Elder Yat
And so does our Heavenly Father!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

And the Winner is....

nobody found Lando

Sorry... My fault

The Watts were in Provo/Orem
for that afternoon only.
They left that next morning.

No Winner... How SAD!

But....   If any of you ever see Landon or Molly Watts
at any time... and you are the first to have them text me your name
then the $100 is yours
You must be one of my missionaries.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

House of the Lord

The Mesa Temple is closed for a couple of weeks
for some deep cleaning.

President Turk signed up and went in
to help with some of the cleaning.

Always a great experience in the House of the Lord.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Where's Lando... money offered!

We had hamburgers and pazookies over at the little Turkicitos
last night....
Here are Tillman, Penny and June Bug

Landon and Molly and the little Watts are visiting Lando's family 
in Orem Utah...
If any of you return missionaries see them ... say hi!
Kind of  like Where's Waldo... 
Hey, the first to find them gets a cash prize of $100
Have the Watts text me your name and the money is yours.

Where's Lando?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

We Dominated the Conversation... So Sorry!

We love Mexican Food
and even more we love our great friends.
When you put the two together it is Spectacular.

Tonight we went out to eat with
Terry's counselors and their wives from
when he served as a Stake President.

Jeff and Diana Packer and Jim and Michelle LeCheminant...
We love them.

They were so nice... they listened to us babble on about Perú.
Elder Waddell warned us that when people ask
how your mission was... what they really want to hear is

"Oh, it was great" 
That's all they really want.

We said waaaaay too much tonight but we are learning.
Sorry dear friends and thanks for listening.
We got it all out of our system...

yeah right.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Around the House.....

We got up early this morning and went to work around the house...
We were cleaning out the garage, the attic, the storage room.
We had the air conditioning men coming, we had the landscaper coming, 
we had the appliance people coming and the window washer coming.
There was a little bit to do after three years of absence.

And just as we finished everything...

It started to rain.

When you wash your windows, it will surely rain!
but we didn't care because we have missed the 
sound of rain, the thunder, and lightening.
And it cools everything down.
It is called the monsoon season around here.
Huge dust storms roll in before the rain.
There is always clean up to do after the storms.

There was hardly any rain in Trujillo 
and for 3 years we never, ever heard the sound of thunder.
I love thunder and lightening
But the day that we were waiting at the airport
for the Marlers..... Right when their plane landed and we were
taking off our name tags...
It started to pour rain in Trujillo.

I am just sure that the heavens were crying with us
as we finished our mission.

I know... I am a little dramatic. 
Let it be and Let it Rain!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Visit from the Stake President...

Terry and I had a visit from our Stake President...

We have been called to be the Stake Missionary Preparation Teachers.

YIPPY... We are still going to have that
exciting Missionary Spirit...
And we still get to work together!

To prepare the youth to serve full time will be a complete joy for us....

We are excited to prepare some great material 
for the Youth of the Mesa East Stake.
There is nothing better than serving a mission...
and we want all of you to feel confident and prepared!

 To invite others to come unto Christ 
is an honor and privilege
that is a blessing to each of us all the days of our lives.

 Let's do this ~  It's almost your turn to serve...

... the best two years ever!
(or 18 months)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now?

A couple of weeks before we were leaving to Perú for 3 years,
Terry lost hearing in his left ear.

He didn´t have time to do much testing or analyzing.
Elder Christofferson blessed him in his setting apart that
he would hear all that he needed to hear.
And that is exactly what happened.
He had no problems on the mission.
So, when we got home he made an appointment with his
Internist.  The Doctor got him an appointment with a great
ear specialist at the Mayo clinic.  

There might be nothing they can do but it is worth exploring.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to Work..

Terry held out as long as he possibly could.
He told me that he wouldn't be going back to work
for about a month after returning home.

He actually was out to work for a couple of hours
the day after we got home.
He can't help it... He is a worker.

 The exciting part is that he now gets to work with our son Parker
who has been running the company since we left.
Terry trained Parker a few months before going to Peru.
We never knew that he would have to carry such a big load
while we were gone.  But we can testify that we have seen
the hand of the Lord in all of the affairs of the Company.
We are so thankful to Parker for his 
intelligent, positive and prayerful attitude in keeping things going.
They had one of the best years ever this last year.
Congrats Parker!

 Penny and Tillman, Parker's children were visiting 
Papa T's office today...
How Fun!
Thank you Parker... We love you!

The Little Things...

Since I have been home I have appreciated the little things like...

Garbage trucks, Garbage containers, Garbage pick-up..
It's such a beautiful orchestrated event.
Please appreciate this!

ICE in my drinks... small, plentiful, chewy, cold... I love it!

Brushing my teeth with sink water and not a water bottle...
this is huge!

Smooth, well-kept roads... no pot holes or giant speed bumps

 I can sing in the shower and open my mouth without worry...

Organized traffic.... traffic laws that are followed... driving without saying "Jack Jack"...
driving without aggression or fear...

America the Beautiful...   Little things mean so much!