Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Huacos Made it!

Everyone has asked me about my Huacos.
Well, Great News ...
They made it and so far all of them 
are in great condition.  We are still unwrapping them.

They did check each one in customs to make sure they 
were not authentic ancient artifacts...
We Laughed...
and then they called us and said that one was real.

One of our Elders received a Huaco from some members in Virú
and then he gave it to me...
I had no idea it was real.
The Customs office shipped it back to the Mission Office
and now Elder Fackrell is in charge of it.

The Huaco is hundreds of years old...  They are not worth anything
in the market but they are not allowed out of the country.

I love these little Ugga Buggas...