Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Here are the Girls... Penny, Bridget and Junie

President Turk is taking care of all of his girls...
 We finally got to hold our newest little June Bug!
 She is so mello and sweet and petite...
We want to eat her up.

And then of course little Bridget who was born when I was 
home for my father's funeral...
This is the first time President has held Bridget.

She is at such a fun age..,  she just coos and coos at you.

And last but not least is our Pretty Penny...
She has warmed right up to us.

She even put on her Peruvian ski hat for the photo...

She is two and perfect.

Little Girls... Sugar and Spice... and everything nice!

And of course our neice, Meggie Pie.