Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trainers and Trainees

They are all tucked in with new pillows and their new trainers.

Life is good in Trujillo, Peru

We love you trainers and new missionaries!

Our Trainers are:  Elder Warren, Hermana Montes, Elder Castro,  
Elder Qualls, Elder Hannemann, 
Elder Uribe, Elder Bennett, Elder Valdivia, Elder Lopez, Elder Terry, 
Hermana Herrera, 
Elder Huntington, and Elder Castro.

Our New Missionaries are:  Elder Johnson, Hermana Montes, 
Elder Dickerson,  Elder Chun, 
Elder Brian, Elder Casanova, Elder Mamani, Hermana Apaza,
 Elder Chicche, Elder Cornejo,  
Elder Arteaga,  Elder Farfan and Elder Minaya

After the Tears... Come the Cheers!

We said our goodbyes which takes a little piece of my heart every time...

But then ...
Yes, our new group arrived.
There are 14 of them from all parts of
Chile, Utah, California, Texas, Peru, Tennessee, & Bolivia

This is a fantastic group.

Elder McGrath on the left, has been called as an Assistant and is training
in the office with Elder Nichols and Elder Chacaltana

After our new ones arrived we took them to the hotel for some dinner and a good night of sleep.

This morning bright and early we started at the Temple Site
for the beginning of a mission dedicated
to teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
 and helping individuals and families
set goals to go to the Temple.

Then we bowed in prayer...
devoting our time and talents to the work of the Lord.
Every day we receive way more than we give.
We can never come close to repaying our Heavenly Father.

Then to the office for some training...

Elder Márquez is the best Secretary of Suministros

Elder Barinas has the missionaries take turns on the computers to email home
about their safe arrival and their new assignments.
This is Elder Brian from Kaysville, Utah

They are also taking turns having interviews with the President.
This is Elder Mamani born in Peru but his family is now living in Chile.

We are counting our blessings every single time we receive the best missionaries ever!

And Below is Elder Chacaltana, President Turk´s Assistant
and today is his birthday.

We Love you Elder!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bluer than Blue...

 These four missionaries are leaving on a jet plane tonight.
They all say that it has been like a dream.
Every missionary says this at the end of their mission.
At first you think time will never pass 
and then all of a sudden it's gone...
and you ask, was I really there?

Hermana Chipana  -  Lima

 Elder Maximiliano  -  Lima

 Elder Bosse  -  Arizona

Elder Pruett  -  Utah

Muchisimas Gracias Elderes y Hermana!
We Love You 
and always will!

Look at Him!

I took a nap with this little wonder yesterday afternoon...

Well, he napped and I stared at him.

Cute Walker!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A great week of Baptisms!

We had a record number of Baptisms this week...

Congratulations to all of our Missionaries.
We Love YOU!

Let's start by singing a great song with Elder Olivares!  haha
We love when we get new missionaries that play the piano.
He accompanied the special number 
which was sung by the missionaries in the Porvenir Zone.
Great Job Elders!

We had baptisms all over the mission...
I attended this service on Saturday.

Each one brings a powerful spirit
and an interesting story.
The man in the middle above is 89 years old
and so thrilled to start his new life as a member of the 
Church of Jesus Christ.

 Above are some of the Elders from Porvenir Zone.

Below is John who has been studying the Gospel
for a long time and was baptized 
by the Bishop of that ward
who went to elementary school with him.

 The Bishop, on the right in white, was called at age 27.  

Elder Qualls and Elder Zetina
below with Allen

Look at this little future missionary... the Peruvian children are so beautiful.
I always try to get them to come to me during the meetings.
Some things never change!

No More Short Cuts...

The President and the Assistants drove back on the usual paved road
on the way home from Huaraz.  
They decided that the short cut they took on the way 
was not worth it. No more short cuts.
Elder Nichols calls it the Devil´s Short Cut.
(See earlier post)

The paved road is much safer and has prettier views.
(We will put up with the longer drive)

They were happy to see these young brothers
herding sheep on their bikes.
We've never seen this.

This is so cute with the little training wheels.
It´s fun going downhill..

But going back up..  oh not so fun.  
But I guess it beats walking.

Happenings in Huaraz...

This is what's happening in Huaraz...

This is President and Hermana Zavaleta. He is the 
District President in Huaraz.
  All the paper work has been submitted 
and now they are waiting for Salt Lake to look at all the statistics to 
make sure they 
are ready to become a Stake.

 President and Hermana Zavaleta

Below are the Zone Leaders for Huaraz
Their Zone is made up of small districts of missionaries
Please don't get the two Districts confused.
One is made up of members 
and one is made up of missionaries.
We are still confused...
Never mind
Elder Glasgow and Elder Takishita

Here are the Hermanas of Huaraz
Hermana Legg, Avendaño, Sanchez and Ortiz
I miss you girls.

Here are Elders Elmer, Ramos, Fajardo, Roman

Elders Howard and Saldivia below

Elders Aquino and Ccoycca

Elders Jimenez and Vasquez

 And last but not least is some of the Leadership for the Huaraz District
Thank you for all you do for Huaraz.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Road Less Traveled and We See Why!

Over the bridges and through the tunnels to Huaraz we go...

Plans changed at the last minute and I stayed in Trujillo and 
President Turk and the assistants went to Huaraz.

Because I wasn't going they thought they would try the short cut.
This road is supposed to save about 2 to 3 hours.

 Little did they know that even by saving 2 hours
they were all left with sore rib cages and bruised kidneys
from the rough road.

You can see why this road is not used very much.
There are rock slides, narrow roads with steep cliffs and 
a lot of pot holes and no pavement the whole way.

 I can't tell you how happy I was not to be in this car on this road.

There were over 15 narrow bridges and almost 50 tunnels
Really, you can count them below.

I had to put them into a collage or you would be scrolling down for an hour.

Thanks for the photos Elder Nichols and Elder Chacaltana.
They now call this the Devil's Short Cut.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Under the Complete Influence...

  You want to be good and to do good,
That is commendable. 
But the greatest achievement that can be reached in our lives 
is to be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost. 
Then He will teach us what is really good and necessary to do. 
                                                                                                                                                  F. Enzio Busche

      Here is a sweet experience from an Elder... 
Names have been changed!

Well, this week I had a spiritual experience that I´d like to share with with you. 
Last Sunday, me and my companion baptized a woman, an elect... (Beatrice). 
Before we began teaching her, she was an active member in
another church. This church is really strong here 
and the members are usually hard-hearted people. 
Anyway, on Saturday, the day before we baptized her, 
we passed by her house to fill out the baptismal form 
and while we were filling it out with her, 
there came a knock at her door. 
It was the pastor of this church. When he came in, he immediately
started to yell at us and went off. 
Boy did I feel the will to burn him with the scriptures....
but I then looked at this woman Beatrice,
 I felt a strong impression of the spirit say "just stay quiet". 
After a while, when the pastor finally
stopped yelling and talking, 
me and my companion got up and told Beatrice
that we would pass by a little later that day. 
After a few hours, 
we returned to her house and the first thing she told us was 
"I'm ready to be baptized"
She then told us
how she recognized her feelings in the presence of that pastor..
in the way he preached, the tone of his voice, 
the contention he brought, 
was simply not the way of the Lord.
    I can't tell you how grateful I am to have the 
Gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. 
It is so important that we stay
worthy of the Spirit so that when he whispers, 
we can recognize His voice and follow His guidance.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Take the Picture!

Look what it takes just to get one decent photo of my missionaries...
These missionaries have been with us only five weeks.
  President Turk, Perez, Velastegui, Fuentealba, Sandoval, Sandiford, Herrera, Calcina
Sumi, Olivares, Morales, Gamboa

Hey, look at me.  What's so funny you two on the front?

No, no don't pick his nose,
Do you want me to stop him Hermana Turk?

Look I will palm his face... stop picking his nose!

Okay, leave his face alone
Hey, absolutely no biting!
Elder Morales... look up.
You two on the right move in closer.

President, tell them to leave each other alone now
Elder Morales, please look at me.

Enough already did you hear Hermana Turk?
It's fine now Elder, they stopped, turn around.
one, two ...

Don't you ever tell us to stop Elder.
We listen to the President.

No Elders. just let me get one shot before you...

Anyone, Anyone... Please let's just get the picture....

Don't do that  really someone is going to get hurt.

Elder Sandiford... don't put him in a head lock.

Please Elders... Just one good one.
President ... a little help please

Elder Velastegui, don't fall on them, you could....

Elder Sandiford, let him come up for air.
Elder Herrera, thank you, you have been ready for every shot.

President, President, wait really we will shape up now...
Come back!

One out of fifteen turns out okay ...
It's a lot of hard work being a
mission photographer.