Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, May 6, 2011

Help is on the Way!

Look everyone, our little Jahaida is growing up.
She got her hair cut and she just seems so much older this time.

This is her little sister Rita that we have been so concerned about.
We were able to get her an appointment while we were there in Cajamarca.

This is sweet Dr. Waldo Marin.  He is a member of the church and 
offered to check out all of Rita's medical reports.

Good news... she is covered by insurance and we are going to help them get to Lima and 
get the rest of the procedures done that she needs.

They were so grateful for the help.
What a great little family.  They have six children 
and the father and mother are diligent about working together 
and staying together.

Here you can see little Jahaida's hand taking the money from these men.
Rita is in the front.  These little girls are very savvy at running the candy/cigarette cart.

Thank you Elder McGrath and Elder Albines for your help and coordination
for this little girl and her family.

We love you Jahaida and Rita!