Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A great week of Baptisms!

We had a record number of Baptisms this week...

Congratulations to all of our Missionaries.
We Love YOU!

Let's start by singing a great song with Elder Olivares!  haha
We love when we get new missionaries that play the piano.
He accompanied the special number 
which was sung by the missionaries in the Porvenir Zone.
Great Job Elders!

We had baptisms all over the mission...
I attended this service on Saturday.

Each one brings a powerful spirit
and an interesting story.
The man in the middle above is 89 years old
and so thrilled to start his new life as a member of the 
Church of Jesus Christ.

 Above are some of the Elders from Porvenir Zone.

Below is John who has been studying the Gospel
for a long time and was baptized 
by the Bishop of that ward
who went to elementary school with him.

 The Bishop, on the right in white, was called at age 27.  

Elder Qualls and Elder Zetina
below with Allen

Look at this little future missionary... the Peruvian children are so beautiful.
I always try to get them to come to me during the meetings.
Some things never change!