Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hey now... We are on a Schedule!

Today I was just minding my own business and enjoying 
the ride home from Cajamarca.
I was taking photos and singing in my head...

"The long and winding road .. that leads to your door"
(the Beatles)

I wasn't even queasy.

Everything was beautiful
The company
The views
The colors

Maybe too beautiful...

dun dun dunnn!

The children on the sides of the road were darling...

I took a picture of this sign below that says....

"Papas don't leave, Your families need you!"
When we drive these roads we see the women with about three little children running at their feet,
a baby strapped to their back, one nursing in the front, she is carrying a long stick to herd
the sheep or cattle that are surrounding her. They are all, of course, trudging straight up steep rocky hills
and she happens to be knitting while doing all of this.
The women are incredible.
Why would the Papa ever want to leave this work horse.
The women really carry a lot of the weight,
if not all of it.

While I was thinking about how hard these women work
I looked up and...

Wait a minute... What is going on?

Why are all the cars stopped and the people out of their cars?
Get back in  -   Get back in
We have got to keep driving.

I plan my eating and drinking schedules around these drives 
so there is no chance
that I have to stop along the way.

But this kind of deviation in the schedule could be troublesome.

But never fear, President Turk and the Assistants were on it.
They walked up ahead to see what the problem was.
I knew that they would fix everything.
Because when Mama's happy, Everybody's happy!

Not great news... Nothing they could do.
A semi truck pulling a trailer went over the edge and killed the driver.

They have a lot of work to do... This could be hours.

You will notice that we are on roads with no bushes or trees or places to hide.

But on the right side of the road was this beautiful reservoir.
The only thing I thought was that I might be going swimming.

I said a prayer... and things worked out.
We got home much, much later... but safe and dry!