Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celestial Clean-up Crews

Have you ever noticed that the people that stay behind to clean up
after all the fun and games are always the same people.
After every event in your wards or branches or stakes
there are those few great members that always 
go the extra mile.

I think that they will have a place in the Celestial kingdom.
Well, some of them for sure.

They never get any glory or attention.
They just quietly do more than they are asked.

This crew below must have worked really hard because 
Elder Serrano on the right
went to the hospital a few days later ...

He had his appendix removed. 
The doctor said that it was lodged way up high and out of place
 and that it was the largest appendix
the Doctor had ever seen.
Congratulations Elder Serrano.
We are thrilled that it is over and that you are doing better!
Here he is a few days after surgery and we are celebrating his birthday before
he catches the bus back to his area.
Appendix and Hernia surgeries seem to be very common for our Elders.