Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pizza Anyone.... Pushing Pizza!

It was two for one Pizza day from Papa Johns... there was a mix up in the order and instead of getting 12 large,
we got 24 large pizzas delivered for lunch.
We had full bellies and then we gave away several 
pizzas to people in need.

We had Zone Interviews and Training with these Elders today.
The Porvenir Zone
Group Hug... Oh the Love!

Elder Warren - Zone Leader, Harmonica Player
 Elder Ralph - Zone Leader, Baseball player
Elder Mikesell -  from Morgan Utah
 Elder Wright - Great singer
 Elder Vilchez from Lima
 Elder Delafuente - New from Texas
 Elder Castro from Lima.. muy guapo
 Elder Huntington has lost mucho lbs.
 Elder Gomez from Guatemala
Elder Olivares - great pianist
 Elder Uribe can speak great english
Elder Ancajima from Lima loves boxing