Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quite the Hike!

President Turk was teaching with Elder Howard and Elder Del Aguila in Gran Chimu yesterday. They had an appointment on top of this little mountain. There are no roads to these homes. They don't own cars. So they hiked to the home of this elderly couple who has been taught the first lesson already. This little couple has had thirteen children. The funny part is that they were never married... which is very common here. They taught a lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ and it went well. The man hasn't been feeling well and so they gave him a blessing. It was very sweet. And as they were leaving they wanted to close with a prayer, Elder Del Aguila asked if there was anything specific that he could pray for that would help them in their home...
The gentleman thought for a moment and then said... Can you pray that this woman will soften her character... She is not very nice to me. (translated nicely... what he was really saying was that she needs to change her personality... she is a beast) They looked over at her and she shrugged her shoulders like... hmmm, I might be a little mean, and so ... Elder Del Aguila prayed for love to abide in their home. And that they would each be kind to one another. Missionaries sometimes have to be marriage counselors, welfare specialists, activity organizers, wedding planners, etc... but that is okay because the Gospel has all the answers for each one us in our different trials and stages of life.
These Elders are great & hopefully this couple will learn something from these lessons and prayers. Don't you think that if you have had 13 children together that you are somehow married by some common law? President Turk loves to teach with his missionaries. This is the highlight for him here in the mission.

The "Wong" Way to Work!

Every morning we drive just a couple minutes to the mission offices. We park our car in this parking lot behind this grocery store that has a security guard and big fence around it.
Then we have to walk through the grocery store to get to the front of the building. So we always say "Buenos Dias" to practically every single worker in the store. There are a lot of them and they are dressed in cute little outfits with hats and hair scrunchies.
When we get to the front of the building you look up and there is our office up above Wongs grocery store. The Elders love it because they can buy snacks or get a meal at the hot lunch counter during their lunch break.
To get to the office we take this Willy Wonka glass elevator. Okay, it's thick plastic but it does the job and we can look out over Larco street every morning.
When we arrive in the office we are ready to plan and prepare for anything that comes our way. (yeah right, everyday there is something different or unusual that we have to deal with and that's what makes it exciting)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peruvian Meggie Pie

Here is a quick follow up to a story that was posted under Sweet little stories... This is the family that came to hear one of the Twelve Apostles of the Lord. We shook their hands that day with the Christoffersons and the little girl was wearing a hat like our niece Meg... so we called her our Peruvian Meggie Pie. The missionaries were out teaching with President Turk and they ended up at their house. Well, look what happened, Her mother was baptized, her uncle and grandmother have baptismal dates now and she is looking forward to her 8th birthday. Yes!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture in my heart!

There are no pictures with this post because there are just times when it is inappropriate to pull out a camera and take a picture. But these precious moments will be etched in my heart forever. Sunday we were in Viru at a District Conference Meeting. Viru is a very humble little town. We got there early because President Turk had some Interviews before the meeting. We were also going to meet with the new converts before conference. While I was watching people come in for this gathering, I saw a little girl, she was about 8 years old, with her dad in the back of the room. She was trying to tie his tie for him. He wasn't sure how to do it and she was trying so hard but wasn't much help. He really wanted to wear a tie. They did the best they could. She also bent down and spit on a little tissue and started to clean his shoes for him. I never saw a wife or mother. When President Turk came in, I quietly sent him to the back to help this brother with his tie. During the meeting with the new converts, President Turk asked if any of them would like to share their conversion and testimony. The little girl sitting next to her father started to nudge him until he got up and went to the front and stood next to President Turk. He was very shy, but proud to tell about his conversion to the gospel. This humble man, probably a field worker, has started the beautiful transition that happens when you truly know that you are a Child of God. He graciously thanked Heavenly Father for placing the Gospel in his path. And now he knows what is expected of him from his Father in Heaven and how he can help his earthly family receive guidance from above. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is beautiful and glorious. Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be open unto you. I have asked and I have received.
I testify that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elder Reina

Elder Reina saved our lives when we arrived. He had been the assistant with the past President for a long time. So our transition was painless because of his knowledge. It was hard to say goodbye to him. It always will be hard for us to say goodbye. But I have to remember that we can stay close by just a touch of a button. How beautiful is email/skype for me and my Latin missionaries. Elder Reina will probably end up the President of Ecuador. He is so talented. We love you Elder Reina... We will love you forever!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dogs on the Roof

When we arrived in Peru I couldn't believe how many dogs were on the
roofs of the houses. The houses here in Trujillo always have a partially built room on top of the home where they hang their clothes to dry and
I guess let their dogs live... It's like the laundry room, but never ever finished...There are always piles of bricks sitting around.
I love looking at these dogs because I try to imagine what they are seeing and what they are saying to each other.
Some of our Elders were walking down a street and some bricks came falling off a house and almost hit them on the head and as they looked up to see what was going on, a dog came flying off the roof and landed on one of the Elders head and chest and knocked him to the ground with the dog landing on top.
He said they were both just stunned for a minute. And then they were rolling around with each other trying to get up.
They both finally got to their feet and the Elder said the dog looked at him like
wow, thanks for saving my life.
I wish I had a video of that dog story because I have always been
so entertained/fascinated by these dogs on the roof.

Elder Reina told me that when he was in Cajamarca, he and is companion had a dog start following them everywhere. No matter how early they left their apartment, no matter how long they were teaching at an appointment, no matter if they would run to try to ditch him, the dog was always with them. Their pensionista, (the lady that cooks for them) started calling the dog the "third companion". One day as they were heading out to go teach at an appointment, here came the third companion, but today he had on a white shirt and tie. The pensionista told them that if the dog was going to teach with them, he should be dressed appropriately.
I need a picture of this dog too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nueve Nuevos - Nine New Ones!

Okay remember when there is a goodbye like in the last post... there is always a hello! Here they are the Nueve Nuevos. They are a great bunch. We love them already.
In this group there is...
one that auditioned for American Idol
a dance instructor
an actor/singer
a hamburger flipping surfer from the Islands
a Chilean concert pianist
a big soccer player
a bolivian named lamas
a big outdoorsman
a michael jackson dance alike
Guess... Good Luck!
We got them all tucked in with their new companions and
new pillows they receive when they arrive.
(Elder Hanneman and Elder Wilkinson)
This is Elder Weathers, our personal secretary since we've been here and he is now heading out to teach like a maniac. He has been a tremendous help to us. I have talked with him every day about mission health issues. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes all day. He is now a district leader and companion to our favorite Elder Fajardo from my video. He had a brain tumor removed and is now back and going stronger than ever.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

How Can I Be...

We just had one of the sweetest days ever. It was our goodbye to these Elders and Hermanas. There was a great spirit all day long. This is the group of missionaries leaving us tomorrow.
It's hard for me to let them go, as usual. There are a couple of young men in this group that I would let marry my daughter, if I had one available. Isn't this the highest compliment?
There were interviews this morning. Lunch on their own. The big despedida (farewell meeting) was in the afternoon. This is where they all share their testimonies, and there are some musical numbers and then Terry and I talk for a minute. The chapel and cultural hall were filled with their converts and member friends.
Then we had a special Dinner and Family Home Evening at the Mission Home. We had a fun activity called Mission Memories... They each had a chance to pick a phrase or word out of a bowl... for example... children, animals, When you had the most tears, companions, embarrassing moment etc... If they didn't like it they could pass it to anyone they wanted and pick another one. Then they would tell a story from the mission having to do with the topic. There was much laughter and a few tears.
We ended the evening with a video made to "How Can I Be" performed now by the composer, Nela Otuafi who sings it in Spanish. We had pictures of our missionaries along with Nephi and other great Book of Mormon heroes and of course Jesus Christ. It is a powerful song.
I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon.
It is life changing.
If people call it wicked, they haven't read it.
Me encanta el Libro de Mormon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Missionary Apartment...

click to enlarge
Elder Gonzales, Elder Garcia, Elder Mennis, Pres. Turk, Elder Weathers,
& Elder Barbosa on the couch
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet Little Stories...

President Turk was out teaching today with Elder Lopez in Chiclin. This wonderful man below in the picture is a recent convert. He went with them to an appointment to teach his sister and her family. She had two beautiful children. But she was not married to the father. They have just been living together all this time, which is common. They all listened to the first lesson and loved it. President Turk invited them to get married so that they could move forward with this beautiful Gospel in their lives. They accepted and now we hope there will be a wedding and some baptisms soon. Thank you Bernard and Elder Lopez.
On Tuesday President Turk was teaching with Elder Qualls and Elder Pablo in the picture below. They had taught some great lessons and were on their way back to their apartment when they walked by a house that they had a referral. The Elders had stopped by twice earlier but never caught anyone home. President Turk said, Let's try it now. They knocked and a little girl opened the door and recognized President Turk. She said that she and her family went to see an Apostle speak because their friends had told them about him and invited them. They also saw us speak with Elder Christofferson at this Stake Conference and she and her family waited in the long line to shake hands with them and we were shaking hands too. She told us that she was wearing this certain hat. President Turk laughed because he remembered her from that line. There were several hundred people and when this little girl came through with her hat on, Terry and I called her our little Peruvian Meggie Pie. (Meggie Pie is our niece) She was darling. She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and we hugged. And now Terry was talking to her and her family about the Gospel. They are not members but had a great experience at that stake conference and have gone to church too. Her mom and dad and uncle and grandma are now taking the lessons.
Elder Qualls and Elder Pablo
Now multiply this by 200 every day and we have so many more
sweet little stories!

Mabell... My Tutor

This is my darling Spanish tutor Mabell... Yep, double L.
Oops, I don't know her last name. (Escalante) She is so patient with me.
She served a mission in Cal-ee-for-nya. She has her degree in Spanish. She teaches English to children in the morning and she teaches me Spanish in the afternoons, (T, TH)
Thank you Mabell...
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The Brady Bunch - Office Staff

This logo was created for our quarterly newsletter. Do you think the Latinos have seen the Brady Bunch? Oh well, here it is...

The new office staff starting with President Turk and going clockwise...
President Turk - Very Guapo, runs a tight ship, and everyone loves to be with him.
Elder Hunsaker - Moving up to 1st assistant, has been a huge asset to both of us.
Elder Andersen - New Personal Secretary, we are already thrilled with his talents and abilities.
Elder Mayorga - New Assistant taking Elder Reina's spot. He is from Chile. He has big shoes to fill and we know that he will do it well.
Me - Hermana Turk - trying to keep a really good balance of hard work and a little play.
Elder Mennis - Secretary of Records - A worthier missionary you cannot find... The Best!
Elder Jones - Finance Secretary, quick learner and hard worker. We can use him anywhere. Keeps the office smiling.
Elder Garcia - Taking over for the Supplies and Mail Specialist. Still in training. He will be great for the office.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Office Changes...

Changes in the office are always bittersweet.
But that is Mission Life for sure.
You Love them and then they Leave you.
Elder Weathers is training Elder Andersen as the new Personal Secretary. He will be in charge of all the travel arrangements with the transfers & the coming and going of all missionaries, the government issues and documents, and he will be the communication expert for the President. He deals with all the parents of the missionaries and so much more.
He will work closely with me on the health issues too. I am going to miss Elder Weathers but he is not going far. And they need him in the field teaching.
Elder Cotrina is training Elder Garcia as the Secretary of all mission Supplies and the Mail Expert. He has got power over missionaries if they want their packages. Molly he found the package you sent me too.... YES!
Elder Cotrina is also needed in the field and will be going out as a Zone Leader.
We love these Elders!

The Perez Family

This is the sweet Perez family with the Elders on their baptism day last Saturday. President Turk helped teach this family on exchanges. We were unable to attend because of travel, But we are so happy for them. They are wonderful.
Elder Echanique and Elder Rivera

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plaza de Armas

Our Beautiful Plaza De Armas... Trujillo should hire me to make
their postcards for the city. I used my little camera for these pictures
and they are pretty good, No? Remember it's winter here, I had grey skies.
Think what I could do with a real camera. This is where the Missionaries
perform at Christmas... I've got to get going on that program.
We get very few times to practice together.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weird Weekend...

President Turk doesn't feel good... He is really sick!
We have him on medications and bedrest.
It is strange to be going a hundred miles an hour and then come to an abrupt stop.
We had to stay home from Chimbote. We were supposed to be
speaking in the Adult session Saturday night and Stake Conference on Sunday.
Sorry to all my missionaries there... I did have a big tub of cookies for you.
Maybe next time!
They don't read this so they don't know what they missed.
Shhhhhh... nobody tell them.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Proselyting President

President was out in the streets today proselyting again with the missionaries. Today he was with the East Zone. The Assistants and the President did exchanges with companionships and they had a successful afternoon. We don't knock doors here, all the appointments are already set for the President.
They were out in the streets of Laredo
President was with Elder Farnsworth and Elder Whiting
The Elders don't drive or ride bikes so if they are traveling far they use buses or taxis. Look very close at the driver. The taxi driver that picked up President Turk just happened to be Alfredo. President Turk baptized him a few weeks back. President Turk can't park his car on the street or it will be stripped in a minute.
We were back at the hospital today. Elder Gonzales had appendicitis. President Turk gave him a blessing and then offered to give the other man in the room a blessing.
He accepted. It was wonderful.
The family was very touched. The Priesthood power is real and something you feel.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Glorious Guests... Wonderful Weekend

We had an exciting, jam packed weekend with wonderful guests... Elder Christofferson, one of the twelve Apostles and his wife, Elder Nash from the first quorum of the Seventy, our Area President and his wife, Elder Pino, also a seventy and in our area presidency with his wife. Elder Clayton and his wife were scheduled to be with us but they ended up going to California to the funeral of the Bishop that was shot. They just got to Peru today and we will miss them. They are heading to another mission.
This picture is taken at the Temple sight.
Elder Pino, Pres. Turk, Elder Christofferson, Elder Nash
Thousands of people came to hear him speak. There were long lines of people waiting to shake his hand. They spent many hours greeting people which is really nice.
Terry with Elder D. Todd Chistofferson
This is at lunch at our home with the women.
Sister Nash, Sister Christofferson and Sister Pino (sitting)
Then Sister Handa (translator) Me and Sister Montoya.
While the men were having priesthood training, we split up and went on visits
to members homes.
We also took a tour of the city with a guide.
The Elders met with the Mayor here to keep good relations.
He wants to run for President of Peru in 3 years.
He is not a member of the church but asked for a blessing.
Elder Christofferson gave him a powerful blessing. It was very touching.
The Mayor came to our stake conference the next day.
All great things must come to an end.
We took them to the airport this morning.
I testify that he is one of the Lord's Twelve Apostles on the earth.
He told us that the Temple will begin in about six months
We should be here to see the completion... YES!