Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another Jamba Store

We opened another Jamba Juice store that is up and running.

It is in the Chandler Mall.
It is on the Food Court level.... Level 2
Half way between the Food Court and Nordstroms
This is our 7th store we have opened and 
we are working on our Scottsdale mall store which
will be coming soon.

We have been doing Jamba Juice for about 18 years now.
They have been a great blessing.

We are also just loving life with these people.
They are the best.

Nothing Better on Earth!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rock is Home!

Another returned missionary in the family.
My nephew Rock Shill is home from El Salvador.

We had our "Well Done Dinner" with the family and heard
his testimony... He will speak in church on Sunday.
We love you Rock!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hyrum's Blessing Day!

Look at this beautiful little baby boy!

This is 

We had his baby blessing today.
We are so happy!
Life keeps getting better and better!

My son - Parker, gave another inspired blessing.

Grandpa Dean Turk is happy to have another Dean in the family.

We are so thrilled with this little Turk family.
They are outstanding in every way.

 Just look at them...  Adorable!!!
We Love You so Much Turkitos!
It was a Great Day!

Trace and Synneve Levos

We had a great dinner with the Elder Levos and his new wife.

We were so happy that Trace and Synneve would call us 
so that we could go to dinner and catch up.
They were in town looking at Law School possibilities.

They are awesome together.  We were happy to finally meet Synneve.
They were married about 3 months ago in Texas.
We wanted to go to their wedding but it was during the 
Trujillo Temple dedication.
It looks like they were catching up all over town.
Here they are with the Smiths, Spencer and McKenna.

So great to see you,  Much Love... Keep in touch!

My Brother...

This is my brother Ross Junior.  I think I told you about him 
a little while back on the blog.
He was diagnosed with brain cancer almost a year ago.

It was an aggressive cancer and we thought we would
only have between three to six months with him.

He passed away Saturday the 5th.
He was actually quite well the whole time
since the diagnoses.   

The ending was peaceful and sweet with his family surrounding him
in love and unity.

We will miss Ross.  He has a giant personality.

I am jealous that he is now with our own earthly father
and all those that have gone before us.

Much love to my older brother Ross.
You were much too young to go.