Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Odds and Ends...

We got the Marlers oriented and we taught them how to drive
from the Mission Home to their office.
That was enough for today.
 The office Elders sang a special number for them...
and then filled up their day with 
baptisms, visits, lessons, meeting some of the leadership, 
mapping the city, learning to drive in Peru, grocery shopping,
going over the calendar, planning events, etc...
They did more in one day than most people do in a month. 
 Of course before we left them...
we drove them around Trujillo to see a few things.
They had to see the Temple
 The dome is framed!
 We then met up with Scott McGrath, one of our returned missionaries
 and his family... Scott was one of our Cajamarca Cowboys
that was divided into the new mission 2 years ago.
He was sent as the Assistant to the new President.
He helped President Risso form 
the new Chiclayo Mission.
So he and his family came to visit.  They have been to
 Chiclayo, Cajamarca and Trujillo...
they are heading to Huaraz, Lima, Cuzco
and Machu Picchu.
What a trip and what a family.
We were happy to spend time with them and get to know them.

Thank you McGrath Family...  We hope to see you again soon
in another part of the world.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Presenting.... President and Sister Marler

We were waiting patiently for the Marlers to arrive tonight.
We are so happy to be saying hello instead of Goodbye.

When the plane touches down... President Marler takes over.
He has been set apart and the keys are activated 
when he lands in Trujillo.
We then are released...
It was teary taking off our name tags
but after we met and were with the Marlers.. 
we were thrilled to pass on the mantle.

We Love THEM!
The mission is in great hands... our missionaries will love them too.

When we arrived in the mission three years ago...
We were totally exhausted.
Six months prior to the mission, 
you are in the greatest upheaval of your life.  
Everything is changing.  
You are physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

But the second we landed in Trujillo and saw our missionaries...
our hearts and bodies were rejuvenated like 
nothing I have ever experienced...

And I saw this with the Marlers tonight.
They will start to receive more strength too as they 
travel around the mission meeting and getting to know
each of these precious souls.

Welcome Marlers... You are about to receive the greatest
gift in the whole wide world...
Three years of love and joy that you have not yet experienced.

President's Working 'til the End...,

President Turk was out with Elder Hernandez and Elder Quispe today.
What a way to end a mission...
These Elders are hard working, energetic, positive
lights to the mission and to Trujillo.

The Bishop's son Marco was out with them too.
 Contacting and teaching on every corner...
 The lessons were filled with the spirit..
 And the Elders were prepared and animated.

Elder Quispe and Elder Hernandez thank you so much for 
being fantastic companions for President Turk
on his last day out in the field.

We love missionary work!

And we love our missionaries!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

That's Entertainment!

We had a fun surprise goodbye party this afternoon.
Lucy, Alicia, Alexis and the office Elders
were all a part of this plan.

When we got to the Church,
these men came in blowing their unique horns and shells.  
It was very dramatic.
They then played a few numbers that were really fun
and had a narrative along with them.
These men live right around the base of the 
Huaca del sol and Huaca de la Luna.
The man with the pan flute is our Huaco making friend.

Alexis then had some words and a beautiful tribute that he had written.
The office Elders made us a goodbye video
that made me cry....
I will have to get it and put in on the blog.

And of course Lucy had been baking and cooking
and put out a beautiful spread of delicious food.

How do you thank everyone for everything they have done for us.
It keeps going and going and going.

We are so in debt!

Home Away From Home...

Guess where we are...


That's what I thought...
We went to the airport to pick up Elder Tway from Colorado 
and Hermana Flores from Honduras.

We found Elder Tway but no Hermana Flores.
We were the last to leave the airport.
We found out that she was at the wrong terminal in Lima.
So we will go back to the airport for the late flight.

We love to pass the Temple when we go to the airport.
Look the Steeple is almost all framed out.

We will miss this...
but we hope to be back for the dedication.

Yes... we found our Hermana Flores on the late flight.
She is wonderful.... worth the wait.
We welcome Elder Tway and Hermana Flores
to a great big beautiful family of Missionaries in Trujillo.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Serving the City of Trujillo!

After the President received his award from the Mayor...
It was time to go to work.

 We had all the missionaries in Trujillo
come in and put on a yellow "helping hands" vest
and grab a broom and a dust pan..
and go to work.
The city had organized our missionaries into areas

All the Zone Leaders took their missionaries to an assigned area
and started to clean the streets of Trujillo.

 They worked really hard for a few hours...
but there was always time to take a referral.
 The people in the neighborhoods were so happy to see our missionaries.
There is always a great feeling that follows them everywhere.

 By their fruits, ye shall know them

 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, 
shall aenter into the kingdom of heaven; 
but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.

3 Nephi 14:20-21

I Love My Missionaries!

Big Honors from the Mayor

This morning we were invited to the Mayor's Office
which is the big blue and white building in the Plaza de Armas.

The missionaries were all ready for their service project with their 
yellow vests on but first they were invited into the 
Ceremonial Press Room

They played the National Anthem for the United States...
Then the Peruvian National Anthem...

And then they played the Trujillo Anthem...
That's a lot of Anthems!

The Spokesman for the Mayor then read a beautiful tribute to 
President Terry Dean Turk
in honor of his service for three years here in Trujillo.

The Mayor presented him with the 
 "Medallion of the City and the Diploma of Honor"
the highest Award that the Mayor can give.

They then turned the time over to President Turk
who spoke about how our grateful we are for our time here in Trujillo.
He also said that the city is progressing forward and has a bright future
especially if they will embrace the Lord, Jesus Christ
and focus all efforts on strengthening the Family.

The Mayor then spoke and told President Turk that he was grateful for what
he has done for his city... and that they would be friends forever.
The Mayor really has been helpful in all of our endeavors here.

President Turk then gave the Mayor a copy of 
"A Proclamation to the World - The Family"

It was a wonderful opportunity to teach truth.
We were so happy that our missionaries were there too.

The Mayor is going to be running for the President of the whole
Country of Peru in the next election.
Best of Luck and Thank you Alcalde
for the beautiful tribute to my husband.

The Alcalde has told us before that the missionaries are doing far more
for the people of Peru than anything any politician is doing now
or has ever done... 

Isn't that the Truth!

Thank You...  Alcalde Cesar Acuña Peralta