Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

President -vs- Fútbol

This afternoon President Turk was excited 
to be out teaching with Elder Romney and Elder Dority

 ... he found out that the Peruvian National team was playing
Colombia at 3:00 in the afternoon.
When this happens... Peru shuts down.
I love to drive during the games because the streets are empty.
BTW... Peru lost 2 - 0.... Bummer.

They did have a few teaching appointments...
They had to go through some tricky passageways to 
find some of their contacts....
But nothing will stop these Elders.
They teach with power and authority.
Elder Dority is catching on quickly.
He has only been here three weeks.

The construction is done a little differently here.
We used to be utterly amazed at how things were done,
but now we don't even notice.
We have been here for three years remember.

President was able to visit a man that he baptized over
a year and a half ago in this area.
His son is now on a mission.  It was great for President
to catch up with him and say goodbye.

All in all...  a successful afternoon regardless of Colombia
spanking our Peruvian National Team.
Dang it!