Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tres Nuevos.... YES!

We have been to the airport a couple of times today.

There seems to always be a group of Saints saying goodbye
or picking up a missionary.
Today there were both.  
The missionary work is exploding here too. 

We were able to pick up three new missionaries today.

Hermana Ivie is from Delta Utah... She has been waiting for 
her visa in the Provo MTC... for a couple of extra weeks.

Elder Rittscher is from Guatemala and has been waiting for his visa
for 4 months while has been serving in one of the Guatemalan missions.

I will post the pictures of their trainers and 
where they will be serving tomorrow.

Elder De La Cruz is from a few places.  Right now his family lives 
in Lima... He was called to the Lima Central mission but that is 
where his family moved too.  So they reassigned him to our mission.
But before his family moved to Lima they lived in Chimbote
which is in our mission.  He has family and friends here too.
So we will keep him in all the other parts of the mission.
We are so happy to have him with us.
Elder Rotolo will be training him.  They will work in a trio for a couple
of weeks until Elder Gutierrez finishes his mission.
They are serving in Esperanza.