Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 28, 2013

Presenting.... President and Sister Marler

We were waiting patiently for the Marlers to arrive tonight.
We are so happy to be saying hello instead of Goodbye.

When the plane touches down... President Marler takes over.
He has been set apart and the keys are activated 
when he lands in Trujillo.
We then are released...
It was teary taking off our name tags
but after we met and were with the Marlers.. 
we were thrilled to pass on the mantle.

We Love THEM!
The mission is in great hands... our missionaries will love them too.

When we arrived in the mission three years ago...
We were totally exhausted.
Six months prior to the mission, 
you are in the greatest upheaval of your life.  
Everything is changing.  
You are physically, mentally and emotionally spent.

But the second we landed in Trujillo and saw our missionaries...
our hearts and bodies were rejuvenated like 
nothing I have ever experienced...

And I saw this with the Marlers tonight.
They will start to receive more strength too as they 
travel around the mission meeting and getting to know
each of these precious souls.

Welcome Marlers... You are about to receive the greatest
gift in the whole wide world...
Three years of love and joy that you have not yet experienced.