Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tons of Photos.... Leadership Council

Leadership Council was fantastic today...

Just look at the grand leadership of this mission.

Our latest additions to this group as
Zone Leaders and Hermanas Asignada are...

Elder Chatwin, Elder Hales, Hermana Montalvo, Elder Zapata,
Elder Hill, Hermana Villanueva, Elder Ferreira, and Elder Chacon.

The Hermanas are such a nice addition to this meeting.
 Hermanas:  Villanueva, Huaman, Balcaza, Montalvo and Diaz

 Elder Tierra and Elder Cerpa in Viru

 Elder Ferreira and Elder Escobar are ZL's in Laureles

 Elder Felt and Elder Chacon are ZL's in Huaraz

 Elder Northcott and Elder Palma are in Esperanza

 Elder Wallace and Elder Chatwin are ZL's in Chimbote Peru

 Elder Nye and Elder Mieles are in Casma

 Elder Massey and Elder Levos are Zone Leaders over the Central Zone

 Elder May and Elder Camarena are ZL's over Palermo 

Elder Mendoza and Elder Hyde are serving over the East Zone

 Elder Zapata and Elder Vanden Bosch are in Chimbote Sur

 Elder Hales and Elder Cook are Zone Leaders over the Primavera Zone

 Elder Meza and Elder Iler are serving over the Porvenir Zone

 Elder Young and Elder Davila are over Casa Grande Zone

 Our right and left arms are Elder Fackrell and Elder Smith

 Our fantastic Assistants that are with us constantly are Elder Castillo and Elder Zarian

 The office Elders that get the least amount of thanks for the greatest amount of work
are Elder Bravo and Elder Martinez...

And the sweetest surprise was the visit from our Elder Serrano 
and his new wife.  They live in Ecuador and are visiting
Elder Serrano's mission areas.

President Turk had him share his testimony at the Leadership meeting.
He told our missionaries that no effort that they make
is ever wasted... that everything they do has a purpose.

And then off to the fields to exercise...

The young man on the left is a contact of President Turk's 
He is listening to the lessons from Elders Massey and Levos.

The blue team decided to throw up a couple of Elders in the basket toss..

but they seriously forgot to catch them after they threw them...
Moms....  they are fine.
I had a heart attack but no damage was done.

Orange team thought they were naturals

when it came to model shots for the camera...

Green team had the best jumping shot ever...
but it was blurry so here is the next best... sorry green. 

Here's a close up of their cute faces.

And again.. the darling hermanas... I love them!

and ladies and gentlemen...
that's all she wrote.