Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mini MTC in Chimbote

 As we were driving down from the mountains yesterday to Chimbote
we had a drive by sighting of these glorious Elders,
Elder Garcia and Elder Ataurima
They work in Cachipampa ...  A little oasis out in the middle of 
the vast moonscape of Peru.
It is always shocking to see the President
just pull up out of nowhere.
We had two more sightings but they were fast and I didn't get their photos.
Elder Bravo and Elder Diaz were in Ovalo Grau heading 
to the massive wedding today.
And we saw the Hermanas... Montalvo and Childers
and we honked and waved.

We spent the night in Chimbote.
President and the Assistants were speaking at
a mission prep conference.

The Zone Leaders of Chimbote Sur were helping out too.
Elder Zapata was sharpening the scripture markers.
 Elder VandenBosch was handing out the nametags.

President Mendez organized the event.  He is President Turk's
Counselor and lives in Chimbote.

It was as very successful event.
The young men and women are eager and excited
to prepare to be sent anywhere in the world.

President is always a hit at these events.
He knows exactly what they need to start working on
to prepare for their missions.
He gets them feeling excited and more prepared to serve.

Our Assistants are very valuable to the youth.
The students feel like they can ask the Elders anything.
And the Assistants know the most important
things to teach them right now.

Thank you President Mendez for inviting us to this great conference.