Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Living Water...

I have been partaking of the living water of Jesus Christ all my life.

But never has it quenched my thirst like it has
while I have been here in Peru.

I have never been more aware and grateful 
to have it in my life.

I compare it to an adult that has availability to all the water
they could ever want...
but then the adult sees a beautiful child crying 
because they are dying of thirst...
the adult runs to this child and gives them all the 
water they want.
This child is eternally grateful.
And then the adult shows the child where there
is a source of water that he can 
get clean nourishing water for the rest of his life.

This adult's water now tastes so much better when he drinks it.
He appreciates it more and remembers the 
happiness it brought to a beautiful little child
that would have died without it.

Some of you want to share the Gospel with others but you don't feel
comfortable or you don't know anyone to teach.

Here is a book that will give you some ideas
or get a Preach my Gospel manual
and it teaches how to find people and helps
with your approach and language.

The book is called

"The Power of Everyday Missionaries"
Clayton Christensen

Everyday Missionaries attempts to show how to find people who will accept invitations to be taught the restored gospel of Jesus Christ by full-time missionaries. The book also focuses on how to support those who are investigating the LDS Church to progress more resolutely toward baptism and a life of committed discipleship. The lessons are demonstrated through stories of actual people, including several modern miracles that show in action additional principles that can help members of the LDS Church all around the world move missionary work forward today.

Parents, friends, family ...
It's a great time to share the Gospel.

It not only saves lives eternally but it enhances yours
like nothing ever can.
It is what this earth life is all about.
Let's remember to prioritize those things 
that matter....  The Gospel Matters!