Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Escalators are like missionary work...
Sometimes your high and sometimes your low...
But the journey is always fascinating.

When our missionaries enter the real world... like a mall,
they tend to stay very close together.
They were a little cozy on the escalator today...

I took Lucy and Alicia to the mall awhile ago
and I went to get on the escalator 
and they would not get on it...
They wanted to take the stairs.
But I made them ride on the escalator with me
and they held on to me very tight.
They haven't had to get on an escalator before.

The McDonald´s ice cream stand is just a little bit of heaven for the Elders

Ice cream for the birthday boy and his friends today...

A little refueling on preparation day so they can work hard all week long.
And now... they are ready to conquer another week.