Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exit Interview....

Oh it's getting real...
We had our exit interview with Elder Waddell
this afternoon.
He flew in...  had some of Lucy's tacos...
He interviewed us...
and was back on the plane to Lima.

Elder Waddell and his wife Carol have become great friends.
We appreciate the life of the Seventies...

It is not glamorous.  It is amazing.
We have seen their sacrifice
and we are so grateful for Elder Waddell 
and his family.

Yesterday I caught this beautiful photo below through
the window in the door.
President Turk and Elder Castillo are giving a 
health blessing to one of our missionaries

The power of the Priesthood is real.
We are thankful for worthy Priesthood holders
that can help lift, heal, and give focus
through the Priesthood
to our special needs.

There is so much of the daily experience that I have never put on the blog.
But I will tell you that no matter how repetitive the
day might be... President Turk has always
found joy in the journey.

And thank goodness for the missionaries...
they keep it exciting and enjoyable always.
I am telling you that you cannot find better young men
and women anywhere in the world

I stuffed my last birthday packages and they are ready to 
go out tomorrow for all the birthdays in June - Check it off the list.

Last newsletter finished and to the printer too today -  Check

So many more checks still to come!