Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 11, 2013

They Almost Slipped Through

Somehow Elder Massey and Elder Levos
the Zone Leaders of the Central Zone
almost slid through without photos.

How could I forget the awesome demonstration of the trompo
by Elder Pugmire

The trompo season is just coming to an end.
They are the wooden spinning tops.
And wow... can the young boys do fancy tricks with them

Elder Pugmire can pop them all over his body too.
The farther you go away from the city...  the more the boys still 
play with the trompos.

Central Zone is the zone that the mission home is in.
We appreciate their good works.

Central Zone Includes:  Hermanas Rojas and Semorile
Elders: Rojas, Lopez, Pugmire, Wood, Minaya, Levos, Mano. Smith
Randall, Massey, Marchant, Calderone, Cordova and Elescano