Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Expectations.....

Zone Leaders for Casa Grande Zone
Elder Young and Elder Davila
had some great training today during interviews

It was also Elder Diaz' birthday....

Oh how I hope that these missionaries know how much I love them.

and that they remember what I expect from them
being missionaries here in the Trujillo mission.

I expect them to be happy.
Free from sin...

they need to remember their pedigree...
Children of the most High God...

and they must be Preach my Gospel experts.
 They need to stand out in a crowd.

They need to speak reverently about our Father in Heaven 
and His son Jesus Christ.
I want them to remember that they are preparing families here 
to be eternal
but more importantly everything they are doing 
is for their eternal family someday.

I want them to remember that they are loved more 
than they can ever understand
and that there are truly angels on their right hand
and angels on their left.

I remind them to act accordingly.... just act like an angel too.

 We want each of them to stand out in the world.... be a light
be a beacon...  Make a difference

We have the most precious missionaries EVER!

They will not let us down...
Nor will they let our Heavenly Father down.

They know that doing His will... will make them the happiest they can ever be!