Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, May 10, 2013

Check Off Another One....

Last interviews with the Porvenir Zone.
Yes I am milking it.
It is a big deal to me.
I can't stand to think that I won't
be with them in their interviews anymore.

We returned from Lima late last night
and jumped up this morning to all
these glorious smiles.
Porvenir Zone has 16 Elders.
oops.. the collages doubled up on a few photos.
Zone Leaders are Elder Meza and Elder Iler.
Elders: Guerra, Jensen, Roldan, Farfan, Balas,
Bustinsa, Rodriguez, Spencer, Flansberg, Richards
Diaz, Dow, Ipi and Aguilar
Still in this rotation we are studying about 
Daily planning, Area books, Agendas etc....
Time Management Skills.

Fill them up... every minute.
We don't have a second to spare!