Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One Monthers....

Those that have been with us for about a month...
(maybe more like 5 weeks)
were in today with their trainers.

Aren't they Beautiful?

They were all still happy and beaming.
This doesn't mean that they have not felt
a little bit of pressure or uncertainty.

But they have all kept looking upward.
This is all that we ask of them for the first few weeks.
Keep looking up.
Father is there and He will help you.
This is when the sweet relationship with their 
Heavenly Father truly grows closer.

Each day gets better and each day gets easier.
You will get use to having a companion 24 and 7.
You will get use to the food
You will be able to keep up with an early schedule.
You will learn the language.
You will be able to teach with the spirit.
You will be able to walk all over PerĂº
if you have to, to help others find the Gospel.

Oh, how I love that these trainers are stepping up for all
the growth that is happening in the mission.

Especially our young Hermanas.
They are carrying their weight.
I am so proud of them.

We are getting better every day.
Families just encourage your missionaries with 
uplifting and positive letters.
Thanks for all your support and love.

They are doing so well!