Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interviews are Over!

I started to cry in the car on the way to the office
this morning.

President Turk just reaches in his pocket and gets his
He doesn't even ask any more.

This is really it.... our last Interviews.
We have been in the last cycle of interviews
so each zone was coming in for their last time....

BUT today was our final Zone.

I felt like I had been punched in the tummy.
I could barely get through my talk.

but we did it....
and we are moving forward.

The Laureles Zone is led by Zone Leaders
Elder May and Elder Escobar.

The Lord is actually letting us down easily.
Our bodies are running out of steam.
Our adorable grand babies are crying their 
beedy little eyeballs out...
so that we will come home.
(in my dreams)

And these missionaries are so capable in every way.
Oh ...  they make me so happy.

Monday we start the week with Changes.
We will be saying goodbye to 14 on Monday
and Hello to about 30 on Tuesday.
Really we don't have time to cry...
We are booked!

The Laureles Zone includes:
Zone Leaders:   Elder May and Elder Escobar
Hermanas:  Bond, Childers, Montalvo
Elders:  Almazan, Alquizar, Arimuya, Bustamante, Cottle,
Hales, Johnson, Kellogg, Uriarte, and Zavala

There are a few extras thrown in here today...
because they missed their interviews for some reason 
or another.

Bring on the Changes!