Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Office Changes....

The office age board is completely filled up and has photos
tucked behind those on the top row of those that are still coming.

President uses this board while he is working on changes
and leadership in the mission.

He can immediately see how long any missionary has been in the mission
and how much more time they have.

 So many factors go into filling leadership positions and opening
and closing areas etc....

 I do know that there was no hesitation in making this decision.
Elder Castillo will be replacing Elder Mecham
as the Assistant to the President in this next change.  
He is being trained by the Assistants right now.  

He has such a Beautiful Soul and will be a top notch
Assistant for us and for the Marlers.

Welcome my dear Felix!

Elder Mecham I am afraid to thank you any more
because you might be staying with us to 
the end...  Let's just leave it alone.

We Love You more than you will ever know!