Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye.... to yesterday!

There they go....  more of our children
back to the real world.

But they have been fortified and changed forever.

We heard tender and tearful testimonies from each of these missionaries
and then Elder Hurley sang a song he wrote
about leaving the mission.
Elder Hurley is very talented and has written
and performed some unbelievable musical numbers
through his mission.
Thank you Elder Hurley!

Sweet Missionaries 
We will never forget you...
We will forever love and pray for you.

Elders:  Cornejo, Jensen, Arriola, Richards, Farfan,
Hurley, Alva, Chicche, Minaya, Armstrong and Casanova.
Hermanas:  Doxey and Bond

Goodbye Video