Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Look if you're Squeamish

Elder Gricius Why are you so happy,
and why are you holding a syringe?

Some of our Missionaries get to the mission without 
their last vaccines because you have to wait so many weeks in between inoculations.
So we have to give their last one here.
We took some of our vaccines with us to Chimbote.
Usually President Turk gives the shots
but while he was teaching we grabbed Elder Gricius 
who is EMT trained.

Thirty years ago when President Turk was an Assistant in his mission in Argentina,
he had to give many injections to the Elders back then.
He and his companion practiced on grapefruits.
That qualifies them right?
So he just started to give them here too.

Oh, the skills we learn and use on the mission.

Elder Velastagui was brave until the needle went into his arm...
then he started yelling 
Sácalo ....  Sácalo
"Get it Out"   "Get it Out"

It hurts us as much as it hurts you... Elder
It's for your own good.
Thank you Elder Gricius... We might call you again.

More of Chimbote

Here are the fantastic missionaries of Chimbote


Elders Leon, Davila, Bingham, Cermeno, Fajardo, Herrera, 
Gricius and Pruett

Elders Berroteran and Batz  
Hermanas McVey, Mendoza, Parque and Lamas

Elders Dipaz, Merkley, Alaya, Briones, Farnsworth, Velastagui

Elders Almanza, Frietz, Machaca and Cosigua

Elders Allred and Bosse

Elders Canaan, Hannemann, Rodriguez, Ogburn

Elders Nichols, Martinez and Erickson

      Elders Luzuriaga, Tagle and Chacaltana

Casa Grande

This is the Casa Grande Zone.

Oh how I wish that I could tell you 
everything about each missionary.

It is so amazing to listen to their backgrounds, their circumstances, their challenges,
their talents and their testimonies.
They are excellent!

Do you know how many times a day a missionary prays?
when they wake up, before scripture study, before companionship study, before they leave their apartment, at each home they visit, coming and going, before each meal, at bedtimes.
at the beginning and end of each meeting they attend...
oh and so much more.
A lot of prayer...

Here they are getting ready to pray at the end of Zone Conference.

 Prayer is one of the things that makes a mission life great.
It is a wonderful reminder to those at home.
Remember, Remember...

If you are having a hard time standing up 
try kneeling

It is very comforting.

President Turk's plate is full
but he is coping just fine because he also prays a lot.

There is no rest for the weary.

You know how people always say they will rest when they die?
Well, that line is not good for an LDS person.

We believe that we will be working hard on the other side too.
There really is no rest for the weary.

But  who needs rest when their is so much Joy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The World's Largest Mosaic Wall... Now to include Christ!

This is our unbelievable mosaic wall that goes all the way around the University here in Trujillo.

It is the largest mosaic wall in the whole world.
It has been seen in National Geographic, on CNN and in 
other world wide periodicals and programs.

Elder Jones and Elder Andersen contacted this man who is the main artisan on the Mosaic wall.

They taught him about the Book of Mormon
and told him about Christ visiting the Americas.

He was so interested in learning about this history.
The Elders showed him the picture of Christ in the Americas.

He loved it and wants to incorporate this story 
into the mural on the mosaic wall.

The wall is about a mile and a half.
It has about a billion bazillion little tile pieces.
(I don't really know how many)
There are many artists that work on the wall all day long, every day.  It is very tedious work, but spectacular after it is finished.

Elder Jones, Andersen, Facer and I got to place a few tiles on the wall.  We feel a part of history now.

 Here is the story in video.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Honk if you agree with this post!

There is always some kind of protest going on around 
the city of Trujillo...

Whether it has to do with a specific company
or politicians
or some other wacky policy.

But odds are you can always find
 a group of people holding protest signs 
for something.

I join with these sign holders

They are protesting the honking of horns.
Now here is a great cause I can stand behind.
Instead of rules on the road,
the drivers just use
their horns and honk their way through traffic.

As I am typing in my bedroom
I can hear the taxis horns blowing and sending a
chill down my spine.

I am chanting right now on my bed

No HoRNs!   nO HOrnS!   NO hoRns!
You didn't know I could be a wild protester, did you?

Honk if you agree with this post

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Viru Chapel Dedicated on Easter Sunday

We went to our District Conference today in Viru...
a small agricultural town
about 45 minutes from Trujillo.

This is the new chapel that President Turk
Dedicated today on Easter Sunday.
It is a beautiful building.
 Only the best builders and products are used
to build a
 House of the Lord.
President's dedication was inspiring.
 The members love the new building
 It is a refuge from the storms of life.
 It represents the faith and progress
of this small town.

We are so excited for the members here.

The building was packed today for the Dedication.
They are growing rapidly.
The missionaries are very busy here.
Keep up the good work Elders.

"He is not Here... for He is Risen"

Thirty years ago, I was a college student at BYU.
I studied one semester, almost 6 months, in Jerusalem.

We were able to study and visit the places where Christ 
taught and lived.
The shores of Galilee, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Golgotha...
and of course the Garden Tomb.

The first time I walked into the tomb,
where they had placed our Savior’s body after He died on the cross,
I looked on the wall and there was a sign with the words

"He is not here… for He is risen"

Never have any words penetrated my body with such 
power and testimony.
And never have any words meant so much to me then
 and especially now.

He has given us life after the grave.
He has suffered for our sins, our loneliness, our pain and our pride.
He has given us meaning for every breath we take.

I want to testify this day that…

I know He lives.

He is my Savior and Redeemer.

This is the most glorious gift to all of mankind.

But we have to do our part
in order for us to
return to live with our Father in Heaven.

 There are no words to thank Him.
We have to show Him
our Love
through our Obedience 
and Actions.

Me with President Howard W. Hunter

Riding the camel in Egypt

Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Classic Janet Moment...

This is our office building that we go to every day.

We work above the Wong grocery store on the third floor.
You can see the Willy Wonka elevator
and below is our trusty security guard -slash- doorman.

Yesterday as Elder Andersen and Elder Facer and I were
running down these stairs to do a few errands,

I was holding my laptop,  my heavy purse and my camera.

I was busy talking to the Elders behind me.

I have always said these stairs are not deep enough.

Well, you know what is coming...


I tripped and fell down this last flight of stairs...

 and oh brother... things went a flying.

It was really in slow motion for me.
When I felt my foot not move to the next step
but my body was going full force without it,
I knew there was going to be 
blood, guts and no glory when this thing was finished.

The security guard and these Elders were horrified.
They didn't know what to do
or where to even start to 
pick up the pieces.


a sweet thing happened.
As I got to the bottom of the stairs
I should have been weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth
but instead
it was as if I didn't hit anything hard at all.

The Elders grabbed my things as the Security Guard
helped me up.

As these missionaries were trying to describe it to other Elders,
they were speechless.
There were no words for this 
awkward, ungraceful accident that should have done some
major damage.

Let me tell you that this was not my guardian angel coming to the rescue...

This was a herd, (no not a herd -  not a gaggle)
oh yeah, It was a choir of guardian angels
that had no idea where to put their hands but managed to somehow 
slow this big train down.

Muchisimas Gracias Angeles! 

President Turk + Foosball = No Bueno

I wish that each of you reading my blog could come
and be around these missionaries for a day or two.
It is such a privilege for President Turk and I 
to be a part of this work
and work along side these future leaders.
They know that we expect great things from each one of them
and I know they won't disappoint.
They are Unbelievable.

We had the Laureles Zone in yesterday...

and the 
Esperanza Zone in today for some
Training, Interviews, and a little Fun.

Zone Leaders were teaching
while the Assistants were checking 
the Area books.

President Turk was conducting interviews...

There were four special musical numbers.

The Assistants,
Elder Nichols and Chacaltana
are always right on target with the trainings.

And then...  bring on the foosball.

Hermanas Quixchan and Bakaitis are good but no prizes today.

Elders Llatance and Mendiete won
 Listerine and Chocolate
..the perfect combination.

We have the Best Missionaries Ever!

President Turk and I lose every time we play foosball
and it 
makes me angry.

(He really needs to practice... He's bringing our team down)