Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lock Down Weekend - Elections

Friday we went to this sweet baptism.

This couple was officially married about a month ago 
so that Shirley, the mother could be baptized.
Now, a few weeks later Jose, the father was baptized.
They are a beautiful family.
The children are not old enough to be baptized yet.
These stories are happening all over the mission every week.

 We had this baptism on Friday because Elections are this weekend.
You are not allowed to meet in churches on 
Saturday and Sunday
of election weekend.
So we will not be able to go to Church tomorrow either.
The missionaries are all staying in and reading
the Joseph Smith History.

President Turk was able to meet with these Gentlemen.
They are his District presidencies.
They had training all morning in the mission offices 
and then a great lunch
before they caught their buses back home.
It's a different life in Peru.
You don't just jump in your car and head to your church meetings
around the corner.
Some of these men traveled in buses for eight hours
and then had to spend the night.
Then they have to travel back.
We appreciate them so much and all they do for the saints
in their Districts.

Also on election weekends the stores cannot sell liquor.
They have to pull all the beer off the shelves
and they replace them with water.

     (phone photos sorry)

I am pretty sure this makes them stock up earlier and 
they drink more this weekend.
It is mandatory for every Peruvian to vote.  If you don't vote you have to pay a fine.
Some of our missionaries are from other parts of Peru 
and so of course they can't go home to vote,
so we have to pay their fines.