Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chau Chau ... Muchisimas Gracias!

These Elders left us today.  Sad!
Elders Rivera, Espinoza, Lopez, Condori, Villava, Blay, Espin, Cereceda, & Tabaco

Elder Cereceda's Family came to pick him up.
Look at his beautiful little 2 year old brother.
He's an angel...  No really, that's his name ... Angel!

We had Lunch at the mission home.
Lucy made BBQ chicken breasts, Homemade french fries, 
these beautiful veggie trays with her special spicy sauces,
and the Elders favorite Apple Crisp and Ice Cream

We had Testimonies.
 We then told our fun stories from the mission.
Elder Blay picked out the topic of animals so he told the story of the dog that attacked him
and he had the holes to prove it.

It's sad to think that these friends won't see each other again.
Elder Condori is from Cuzco and Elder Blay is from California.
Thank goodness for Facebook.

It's so hard to say goodbye.
Now we touch them through the glass one more time before they board the plane.

Some of our office Elders...  at the airport waiting for our 
new missionaries
Me & President, then clockwise
Elders Andersen, Chacaltana, Mayorga, Jones, Facer, Nichols

 Elder Jones and Mayorga leave tomorrow.
Elder Jones will be a Zone Leader and Elder Mayorga is training.
We will miss them.