Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Luis is Leaving on a Jet Plane...

And his mom is crying.
This is sweet Alicia who works in the mission home 
with us every day.
We Love Her and her Family.

Her son, Luis, got his mission call to Monterrey Mexico.
They were having trouble getting his visa
so we weren't sure when he was going to leave.

All of a sudden, they were having his farewell.
President Turk and I were scheduled to be in 
Cajamarca that weekend.
So I stayed home to go to his despedida and to hear him 
speak in Church.

When they found out that President couldn't be there 
they asked me to speak on saturday night at his despedida  
(open house, goodbye gathering)

I asked the office Elders to please see if someone could 
translate for me.

They sent Elder Jones and Elder Barinas.
Great, Perfect..

Let's Go...

When we got there I found out that Elder Barinas had a 
tooth pulled that afternoon and was on pain medication
and that Elder Jones got hit in the mouth with an arm while
playing soccer. 

They were both drooling.
Elder Jones was tough though and did a great job translating
and he only drooled a little bit while eating his food.

Wednesday morning Luis left for the MTC.
 Sweet Alicia was heart broken
This is her first born.
Luis has never been on a airplane.

I remember when my son Parker left on his mission.
It is very difficult.

But we all know that there is no amount of money that can buy this
kind of experience, this knowledge, this spiritual growth
this education, this kind of service.
It is life changing.

To take a young man or woman out of the real world 
and put them into a life of service 
is the greatest gift we can give them.

It is exciting to watch these missionaries
start to forget themselves 
as they see the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
really change and lift people in every way.

I love being on this side of the mission.

Moms and Dads...
Thanks for sharing your missionaries with us.

Pictures at the Despedida

Oh P.S.

President Turk took this picture of my little Jahaida in Cajamarca.
He found her mother and talked to her about the 
little sister that needs surgery.
He has put things in motion.
I am so excited.
Thank you Terry...  I Love You!