Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Appendectomy

We absolutely loved conference weekend.

We feel rejuvenated, motivated, and renewed
 The inspired talks were amazing.
They fill us with Hope and Guidance and Love.
Who doesn't want this or need this 
on this earth today?

In between conference sessions today we ran to this wonderful baptism.
Nothing better than conference and baptisms.

 Then I saw Elder Araneda.
I was so surprised to see him at the chapel
yesterday he was getting his appendix taken out.

Then he pulled this face and made me so worried
He really should be in bed
but he didn't want to miss conference.
He is just kidding here.
He posed for this picture.
He really is taking it easy and is being watched closely.
I shouldn't even post this picture.
He is Kidding!

We are so happy that everything is okay.
We love you.