Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Look if you're Squeamish

Elder Gricius Why are you so happy,
and why are you holding a syringe?

Some of our Missionaries get to the mission without 
their last vaccines because you have to wait so many weeks in between inoculations.
So we have to give their last one here.
We took some of our vaccines with us to Chimbote.
Usually President Turk gives the shots
but while he was teaching we grabbed Elder Gricius 
who is EMT trained.

Thirty years ago when President Turk was an Assistant in his mission in Argentina,
he had to give many injections to the Elders back then.
He and his companion practiced on grapefruits.
That qualifies them right?
So he just started to give them here too.

Oh, the skills we learn and use on the mission.

Elder Velastagui was brave until the needle went into his arm...
then he started yelling 
Sácalo ....  Sácalo
"Get it Out"   "Get it Out"

It hurts us as much as it hurts you... Elder
It's for your own good.
Thank you Elder Gricius... We might call you again.