Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happily Ever After....

The setting was perfect....
the Mount Timpanogas Temple of God.

Ben and Kelsie were stunning...
And now they are sealed for time and all eternity!

Best wishes and love to the newly married couple.
We love you both!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Lord's Team

All eleven members of this high school volleyball
team have received their mission calls.
My nephew is on this team...  Luke Shill

He received his call to Argentina, Buenos Aires South mission.
They are all dear friends and have learned to work together 
on the court and off the court to be great examples to those around them.

Now they are each going to be serving on the Lord's team.
There is nothing more exciting....
Congratulations Luke!
(Luke is the seventh from the right)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Salt Lake and More....

 While we were up in Utah for Uaisele's wedding
we were able to hit some of our favorite spots...

Temple Square is a must even if we were only walking through.
The Salt Lake Temple is closed right now or we would
have done a session.

 We had to go to my sacred spot... the Salt Lake Cemetery.
I wanted to see if Elder Perry was buried there 
but he was buried in Logan.

But we did visit some of the prophets while we were there.
This sign is on the back of the tall Hinckley monument
I love it!

 We ate lunch at the Lion House... "Oh those Rolls"

We had just sat down to enjoy our meal when the fire alarm
starts to blare and the lights were flashing...
We just kept eating and then finally they came and escorted us out...
As we were about to exit... all of 
the chefs were coming out of the kitchen at the same time and
lo and behold...

Elder Stockton Nye shoots out in front of us...
We hugged him and laughed..."Oh it was you who started the fire?"
and he said...  "Nope, it wasn't me this time!"
So great to see you Elder Nye..

We also had the chance to go to Brigham City....
One of the most beautiful little towns ever.

The Main street is awesome...
And now it has the Glorious Temple.

If you visit Brigham you have to eat at Maddox...

The food is spectacular and again..."Oh, those Rolls"

 We go to Brigham City to visit our dear friends the Walkers
and this time we made them take us to another
one of my favorite cemeteries.
 I needed to see where President Boyd K. Packer was buried.

 His headstone is not there yet but you can see the outline
where he is buried.

There is another special person buried in Brigham City...
He is buried very close to Boyd K. Packer...
President Lorenzo Snow.

The sites are glorious in Brigham but the company is better.
We love to Laugh with the Walkers...
Thanks Mark and Cathi... it was so fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

How Can I Be....

Seven years ago I had my nephew Adam living with me for a year
while his parents were serving in Uruguay.

Adam brought over his tongan friends Uaisele Fa
and Ben Mataele and my life changed...

We started singing, taping and arranging songs and that lead to 
teaching kids ukulele lessons

Here was one of our first videos
that we shot when they were in high school
Everyone thinks that they were missionaries but 
that was not the case.

This video has over a half a million hits
and has been one of the Deseret News top ten videos several times...

Uaisele just got married yesterday 
so they are now all returned missionaries 
and married with families of their own...

I love you all!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Uaisele Fa Got Married!

We were in the Draper Temple today for the Sealing of 
our sweet Tongan son... Uaisele Fa
to Jessie Roberts.

It's a gorgeous Temple and a gorgeous Couple...

Oh what a spectacular day...  we expected nothing less.
To be sealed by the Priesthood of God in His Holy House
is the greatest decision you can make on this earth..

We love you Uaisele and Jessie!


Our sweet grandson Tillman has been getting  up 
early this summer and heading to Swim Team
and it paid off...
He ended up in the finals in three strokes...
butterfly, backstroke and freestyle...

Medals and Ribbons for this wonderful boy!

Way to go T-boy!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Jamba Juice Stores!

We just had our Grand Opening for our
new Jamba Juice store in Gilbert
in the Santan Mall area.
This is our second store in Gilbert.

It is on the corner of Market Street and 
Santan Village Boulevard
right next to the US Bank building.

It's a big hit...  It is out by the Gilbert Temple...
right across the street from Cafe Rio, Kneaders, and Smashburger.

We are also opening stores in the Chandler Fashion Mall
and in the Scottsdale Fashion Mall...
That will be seven stores all together!

Come see the new products that Jamba has...

See you Soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sabrina's Blessing

When my daughter Molly had her baby Sabrina... I wasn't blogging.
So I am catching up so that it is included in my blog books.
Sabrina was born on April 10th... She is 3 months old now. 

Here is Molly's little family.. 
Young in age but large in numbers.
She has four children also now.

Sabrina was blessed in the same blessing dress that her mother and sister
wore for their blessings.

She is the best natured baby...  We love our Sabrina!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Baby Planning....

Beautiful Grandchildren....  

My children are pretty great at family planning...  

They each have four children...

They each have 2 boys and 2 girls

They are each 2 years apart

Each child has a cousin their age....

Tillman and Griff are six years old

Walker and Penny are four years old

Bridget and Junie are two years old

Sabrina and Hyrum are newborns

Life is sooooo Fun!


Who is that Missionary?

I don't have Terry's mission pictures scanned and loaded in the computer
but his companion emailed this picture so I thought 
I would put it up for all of Terry's missionaries to see....

This was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1982

You know what he always has told you about his mission in his youth....

It gave him a great foundation for the rest of his life.
Everything good and great in his life has come from serving 
an honorable mission in his youth.

We want all of our missionaries to know how much we love you...
Please if you have made a mistake or fallen...  pick yourself back up 
and run to Heavenly Father...  Repent properly and start again....
Don't delay..  Happiness comes from living close to the Spirit
 and by doing His will.

You will never have peace and joy until you do what you know
is right and true!

great consequences will follow!

Terry Paragliding in Lima

Here is a just a few seconds of Terry's
flight over Lima 
with a kite/parachute


CRAZY, Right?

We were staying in the JW Marriot and I was on the 22nd floor and 
he flew right by my window and waved to me....

What were we thinking?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


We have been home for two years now from our mission which doesn't seem possible.
So it was the perfect time to go back to our beautiful Trujillo
to see the dedication of this magnificent Temple.

We loved the dedication and the cultural event was unbelievable...
The beautiful dances were amazing 
 But of course out highlight was being with these fantastic people...

We had missionaries come from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, 
and the States... and of course a ton from Lima and all over Peru...

 We had a reunion in Lima and Trujillo

We had a gathering at the mission home...

And then we had impromptu gatherings at restaurants, soccer fields, 
hotels and at all the events...

Oh how I have missed my sweet sisters....  I just wept as I hugged them.
Alicia and Lucy are so special to us....  We truly love them.
We were able to take their families to dinner and spend a little time with each.
This was such a trip of a lifetime... We will never forget it.
It felt like we had never left Trujillo...
Thank you for your love Peru...  We miss you already... again!