Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, July 20, 2015

Salt Lake and More....

 While we were up in Utah for Uaisele's wedding
we were able to hit some of our favorite spots...

Temple Square is a must even if we were only walking through.
The Salt Lake Temple is closed right now or we would
have done a session.

 We had to go to my sacred spot... the Salt Lake Cemetery.
I wanted to see if Elder Perry was buried there 
but he was buried in Logan.

But we did visit some of the prophets while we were there.
This sign is on the back of the tall Hinckley monument
I love it!

 We ate lunch at the Lion House... "Oh those Rolls"

We had just sat down to enjoy our meal when the fire alarm
starts to blare and the lights were flashing...
We just kept eating and then finally they came and escorted us out...
As we were about to exit... all of 
the chefs were coming out of the kitchen at the same time and
lo and behold...

Elder Stockton Nye shoots out in front of us...
We hugged him and laughed..."Oh it was you who started the fire?"
and he said...  "Nope, it wasn't me this time!"
So great to see you Elder Nye..

We also had the chance to go to Brigham City....
One of the most beautiful little towns ever.

The Main street is awesome...
And now it has the Glorious Temple.

If you visit Brigham you have to eat at Maddox...

The food is spectacular and again..."Oh, those Rolls"

 We go to Brigham City to visit our dear friends the Walkers
and this time we made them take us to another
one of my favorite cemeteries.
 I needed to see where President Boyd K. Packer was buried.

 His headstone is not there yet but you can see the outline
where he is buried.

There is another special person buried in Brigham City...
He is buried very close to Boyd K. Packer...
President Lorenzo Snow.

The sites are glorious in Brigham but the company is better.
We love to Laugh with the Walkers...
Thanks Mark and Cathi... it was so fun!