Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Who is that Missionary?

I don't have Terry's mission pictures scanned and loaded in the computer
but his companion emailed this picture so I thought 
I would put it up for all of Terry's missionaries to see....

This was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1982

You know what he always has told you about his mission in his youth....

It gave him a great foundation for the rest of his life.
Everything good and great in his life has come from serving 
an honorable mission in his youth.

We want all of our missionaries to know how much we love you...
Please if you have made a mistake or fallen...  pick yourself back up 
and run to Heavenly Father...  Repent properly and start again....
Don't delay..  Happiness comes from living close to the Spirit
 and by doing His will.

You will never have peace and joy until you do what you know
is right and true!

great consequences will follow!