Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Peruvian Style

We celebrated Halloween here in Peru with kids trick or treating the same as in the states. But instead of them saying "trick or treat" they would scream "Halloween." It is a holiday tomorrow, everyone has the day off for All Saints Day or Day of the Dead...
You know what that means,
firecrackers and fireworks going off all night. Yippy!
But of course the greatest treat is going to one of our baptisms today. We went to this one that was held at our building right after we spoke in our Stake Conference. Yolanda is one of the sweet converts of the Sister Missionaries. The sad news is that Hermana Ruiz is finishing her mission Tuesday. We will miss her.
She is a fantastic missionary.
Elder Mayorga, Yolanda, Hermana Ruiz, Hermana Legg,
& President Turk

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Companionships and Marriage

Today President Turk and I taught a marriage workshop in Paijan. It was sweet. We used the analogy of our missionaries as part of the presentation. We told the married couples that we can take two young men that have never met each other and put them together...
...they are usually different in every single way, different nationalities, different cultures, different languages, different skills and education, different skin color...
and of course they come with their own strange habits and distinct traits..
But give them unity in purpose and the gospel principles,
and by preparing spiritually like our missionaries do every day.... Scriptures, Prayer, Applying Christlike attributes... You can love each other, serve each other and live with each other in perfect Harmony, Happiness and Pure Joy.
The secret to great relationships is to make Christ the center.
These two Elders love each other like Brothers.... One is from Chile and the other from the US. This is what the Gospel teachings give to us... a powerful Perspective of why we are here, who we are and what we should be doing to get to where we want to go... Home to live with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ...
...As a Family

Friday, October 29, 2010

Alpaca, Llama, or Guanaco?

We love these animals. They are so funny to look at.
Does this look like Emporer's New Groove?
I can't remember the character's name...
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We are getting another one of these... YES!
(Tillman above - Griff below)
Griff is going to have a little brother or sister.
Landon and Molly are expecting a baby in May.
Come what May... and love it

There is nothing better than being an Abuela!
(Molly, by the way, is our daughter)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random catch up...

This week our grandson Griff turned "1" It was a big day... thanks everyone for the support. We are feeling the love. We of course were at the party via skype...
How great is that?
Here is the President and his Amigos. We appreciate all their hard work
This is Elder Andersen who translated all three days for me. This is a chore. He just calls my phone and I have bluetooth earphones on. I can go anywhere in the building and still hear him. Thank you Elder Andersen.
After all three days of training, and several hours of tutoring, I ran to get my nails done. This is Stephanie, Her mom, Beatrice and her aunt. Let's just say it took a village to get my feet back in order. Thank you ladies. I haven't had a pedicure for about 5 months.

Faces of the Zone Leaders

The many Faces of Contemplation...
(except for President Turk)
These Elders were answering the Questions of the Soul using the Book of Mormon
They are so Capable. Great Zone Leader Concilio!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Murph... We Love You!

Second Day and All is Well!

Another beautiful day of Training... Learning.... Growing.... Sharing.
We can't tell you how much we are enjoying your Sons and Daughters.
Enjoy the Photos! Click to enlarge.
Great quote on the Gift of the Holy Ghost
“How great a blessing it is to have the ministering influence of a member of the Godhead.” Think of what this means, the ability and the right to receive the ministrations of a member of the Godhead, to commune with infinite wisdom,
infinite knowledge, and infinite power!

President Gordon B. Hinckley

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Songs in October... YES!

No time to waste... We have a big Christmas Program in the Plaza de Armas coming right around the corner. We are performing on December 20th and the 22nd. We are going to have Beautiful Narration, Special Music, Nativity Scenes with Children, Costumes and Animals, Special Soloists, Community Singing and So Much More.

Elder Bennett will definitely have a starring role... Can you guess who he is in this video?

Spring Training...

Three more days of big time training.
We bring in all leadership for these sessions.
Assistants, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, & Trainers
We are teaching Fundamental Principles of Preach My Gospel.

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This sweet man, Ozwaldo, was baptized on Saturday and is ready to make his family complete in the gospel... He has to wait a year to be sealed in the Temple. The problem is that he is very sick and is heading into surgery this week. We are praying that everything goes okay.
Elder Perez and Elder Elmer are with Ozwaldo.
As we were getting ready for the big photo, I looked down to see that the
Bishop was guarding the last hot pot of water.
The Elders were so concerned about Ozwaldo's health that they heated several of these large pots of water to fill the baptismal font with warm water
These were the sweet Elders that came by to heat the water while the other Elders were busy preparing for the Baptismal program.
Thanks Elder Wright and Elder Glasgow

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saving Ornaments?

I am always intrigued by the ornaments that are mounted on the tops of the houses here. There were many like this one in Cuzco. They each have their own personal symbols expressing their individual desires. Wouldn't it be great to mount all of your desires and needs for yourself and your family and count it good.

Click to enlarge... This photo was taken out of a bus... sorry!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Gospel of Guidance

Another little story... President Turk and Elder Grijalva were out teaching about two months ago. They walked past a woman on the street, and as they did, they both stopped, looked at each other and turned around to talk to her. They felt something very strong. They greeted her, she was very receptive and they took a referral from her and
then went on to their appointments.

Elder Gricius and Elder Grijalva went back later and started to teach her. A few days later, a gang pushed into their home and shot her 24 year old daughter and killed her. She was so distraught. But she continued on with the lessons as they gave her a power and knowledge that was precious too her. Her 14 year old daughter also took the lessons and they both decided to get baptized. They are so sweet. They are going to come to our home for a family home evening. They are the two in the middle of the photo below.
The gospel gives Guidance and Comfort and Understanding
when nothing else can.

There was a Mormon Mission President and a Nun sitting next to each other on a plane...

I can't wait to tell you this story...

Cuzco: Mission Presidents Seminar 2010

This is the statue that welcomes you to Cuzco. What a great place to visit. We left for five days to our Mission Presidents Seminar.
This is a beautiful picture of the Sacred Valley where we stayed
Look at these children and the colors... I take so many pictures of the children.

Fun Place to Stay

For our Mission Presidents Seminar we stayed at a beautiful place in Urubamba. The landscaping and wildlife were spectacular. There were exotic birds everywhere. On my way to class one day I walked behind a row of six Peacocks who were following one of the animal feeders. Their feathers were brilliant colors. They were so spectacular but of course I didn't have my camera. I was so sad.

These Alpaca were kept in the garden right behind our room. We would go and see them when we got a chance. Of course we named them Tillman and Griff after the grandsons.
This one we named Isaac because of the eyelashes. Isaac is our nephew who is coming to Trujillo at Christmas with his family and so are my children and grandkids. Exciting!
The food was delicious but there was always alpaca on the menu. I wouldn't touch it because of our friends in the backyard.
Every inch of this place was groomed so beautifully. It was a nice retreat.

Great Leaders and Teachers

We were taught by some great men this week. From left to right... Elder Uceda, President Nash, Elder Pino and President Gonzales. President Gonzales is in the Presidency of the Seventy. (President Turk thinks he could be the next Apostle) The other men are in the first Quorum of the Seventy and our Area Presidency. They are all master teachers.
Here is President Turk taking notes like crazy even after the class is over. We had 3 full days of learning, listening, feeling, loving and practicing.
Hermana Gonzales was always a tough investigator in our role playing. She should get the best actress award. President Nash and Elder Uceda were sweating in this practice session.
We loved every minute of this seminar and learned so much to take back to our Missionaries.
Thank you Area Presidency!

Dance the Night Away...

On one of the nights of our Conference, They brought in spectacular dancers with elaborate costumes. We found out that they were the youth of one of the stakes in Cuzco and that they had been practicing and sewing costumes for three months to entertain us that night. They were wonderful... there was a group of musicians that played all the Peruvian folk music and you could not believe the details in these costumes.
Click on it to enlarge.
But the greatest part was after they performed, they came into the audience and got all of us to come and dance with them. You will see pictures in this collage of President Turk dancing, President Nash, Elder Pino, Hermana Nash, & President Uceda. We all got a taste of Peruvian Dancing. Great job Cuzco Stake!
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MACHU PICCHU... One of the Great Wonders

We did it! We have been to Machu Picchu, one of the seven man made wonders of the world! We absolutely loved every minute of this trip. This is the first view when you come in through the entrance and climb a few stairs.
It takes your breath away.
I have so many spectacular pictures I could show you but I will just give you a taste. You have to see it for yourself to be really be excited about it.
I know how that is... So everybody come and see it!
This has been a huge highlight for us. We are really feeling Peruvian now. Awesome!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where in the world are the Turks?

Family and Friends... we are alive and well but have been at a Mission Presidents Seminar for the past few days. We have been in Cusco actually Urubamba. (I love saying that) We get home tomorrow night... but until then, here is a little teaser. Am I a good photographer or what? Folks it was raining, I had to clean the lens constantly under my red plastic poncho. My hair was sticky wet and felt like glue because of the funky brand hairspray that I had used, I had mascara under the eyes, but guess what, I didn't care. Macchu Picchu is magic. We climbed all over this place. Doesn't it look like hobbits should live here? I have so much to tell you. I will be blogging as soon as I get home.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Job Well Done!

After a great service project the Elders gave themselves a little "WAVE" of a job Well Done! They deserved the release.... Believe me, they worked hard.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Triple the Fun

This is for all the teenagers out there... These darling triplets are taking the lessons from the Sister Missionaries. President Turk was out teaching with them on Thursday and met this little trio of 14 year old sisters. The amazing thing about these girls is that their mother and father abandoned them and have left them with the grandmother. They live on dirt floors and have nothing, but they are always happy and never complain about anything. They want to know everything about their Heavenly Father. They ask intelligent questions. They want to do what is right. The lady on the left is their neighbor and the Relief Society President in the ward nearby. She loves these girls and they have been drawn to her and her strength. They want what she has. The grandmother is loving it too. Teenagers... remember the triplets when you think you have it rough or things aren't going your way. Life is beautiful and it's what you make out of it. And the most important thing you can have is the knowledge that you are a son or daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves you more than anything and wants the best for you. These girls have reminded us of the great quote below...

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey,

We are spiritual beings on a human journey."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ups and Downs of Mission Life

I have never had my heart swell and pound with so much happiness and excitement as I have felt here on the mission... These are some of the reasons for the exhilaration...

The Ups of the mission -

Seeing young men and women testify of truth and watching peoples expressions change from feeling the spirit

Seeing small miracles every day that change lives

Being around missionaries 24 and 7 and all their energy

Being able to work with my spouse every day, all day, on things that really matter

Being guided by the Spirit like never before

Learning a new skill... a new language, slowly... but I'm loving it


Lucy and Alicia

Speaking in Stake Conferences - Yes really even in Spanish

Travelling - seeing new places - new people - new things

The simple way of life - Non materialistic

The Peruvian people are the best ever

The Downs of the mission

Saying goodbyes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Water in the Well...

Look at these great Elders that are out in Cartavio. This is Elder Gomez and Elder Warren. This is out near the Sugar Cane Fields and Factories and the Rum Factories. On a breezy day, things smell really good here... You start craving a butter rum lifesaver.
President Turk was out teaching with these elders today. They were teaching Victor who has a small farm here in Cartavio. He was very distraught over many things, but the main thing was that his well had run dry. He had been without water for several days. This is a disaster for a family and a farm. They listened to his concerns, answered some of his questions and then the Elders were able to teach him about the Savior and the Atonement. He was very touched by the lesson. At the conclusion of the lesson, they asked if they could pray with him. The prayer was offered... they asked that the Lord would bless Victor at this time with all of his concerns and problems and that there would be water in his well. After the prayer, Victor ran to his well and to every ones surprise, the well had water. He told them that he had just checked before and there was no water. What sweet faith and a reminder to us all that these small
miracles are the most powerful in individuals lives.

Here is one of the Sugar Cane factories that in the process of breaking down the product it releases masses of steam. The ashes come from burning the fields after harvesting is over. You learn quickly not to brush the ashes off of your shirt, remember you have to blow them off or you end up with ugly black marks.
Below is one of the fields being burned after they cut down the sugar cane.
After the harvest, it is a little like a war zone here but I won't complain so that each of you can pour that white granulated sugar on your
Cherrios every morning.