Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams!

Terry and I were sitting in a booth of a restaurant the other night. And while we were waiting for the food, President pulled out his blackberry and started reading his emails from the day. He got one from a sweet missionary that had just finished his mission with us. The Elder told us a story that made us both shed a few tears. We are always crying in the restaurants here. Thankfully they are usually happy tears.

The elder told us that he was sitting on the plane between a Catholic priest and a Psychologist on the way home from his mission. (I know, it sounds like the beginning of a joke) They both ordered beer to drink and of course our missionary ordered water. They questioned why he wasn't drinking with them and so he told them what he had been doing for the last two years of his life and he explained the beautiful principle of the Word of Wisdom. The Catholic Priest tuned out but the Psychologist couldn't believe what he was hearing. He said that he had dreamt about this whole situation and was interested in hearing more. So our sweet Elder pulled out a Book of Mormon and told him all about it and gave him a copy. The psychologist started to pull out money to pay for the book and our Elder said, no, I will give you this Book of Mormon if you promise to read it. He said that he would. And then the Elder explained to the Psychologist that this was a joy to him as a missionary and his last act as a full time Servant for the Lord Jesus Christ. He was so thankful for this experience on his way home.

We experience many people who have been prepared by the Lord through dreams. We are so grateful for this. I remember reading about this in Elder Busche's book "Yearning for the Living God." In Germany the Lord prepared many people for the church through dreams.
Yearning for the Living God is a great book.