Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exit Interview....

Oh it's getting real...
We had our exit interview with Elder Waddell
this afternoon.
He flew in...  had some of Lucy's tacos...
He interviewed us...
and was back on the plane to Lima.

Elder Waddell and his wife Carol have become great friends.
We appreciate the life of the Seventies...

It is not glamorous.  It is amazing.
We have seen their sacrifice
and we are so grateful for Elder Waddell 
and his family.

Yesterday I caught this beautiful photo below through
the window in the door.
President Turk and Elder Castillo are giving a 
health blessing to one of our missionaries

The power of the Priesthood is real.
We are thankful for worthy Priesthood holders
that can help lift, heal, and give focus
through the Priesthood
to our special needs.

There is so much of the daily experience that I have never put on the blog.
But I will tell you that no matter how repetitive the
day might be... President Turk has always
found joy in the journey.

And thank goodness for the missionaries...
they keep it exciting and enjoyable always.
I am telling you that you cannot find better young men
and women anywhere in the world

I stuffed my last birthday packages and they are ready to 
go out tomorrow for all the birthdays in June - Check it off the list.

Last newsletter finished and to the printer too today -  Check

So many more checks still to come!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Loss of a Mother...

Our sweet Elder Ramos lost his mother this last week.
He talked to her on Mothers day
and then right after they talked...
she was diagnosed with a pneumonia. 
Soon after her diagnosis, she slipped into a coma.

and then suddenly she passed away
Everything was so unexpected... 

I tell you this story with his permission.
 Elder Ramos was able to fly home to Puno, Peru
 for her funeral and testify to those there that 
Families can be Forever...
His parents were married in the Temple
and have their family sealed together.

Elder Ramos has handled this trial with great 
Faith and Strength.
He is sad but knows that 
"All is Well"
when we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He has dealt with the grief by
being diligent and working harder.
He wants everyone to know that they can be 
sealed to their family members....
and it will tie them together throughout eternity. 

We have had missionaries lose their Mother or Father 
while serving here with us.
It is the most difficult thing we have dealt with.
But these young men and women are valiant
and understand that there is a plan
for each one of us.
And our Savior, Jesus Christ is at the center of this plan.
He makes up the difference
where we fall short or when we have pain.
His love heals, strengthens, motivates and guides
us to a better life and a life of understanding.

We love you Elder Ramos.... Thank you for your
wonderful example of Testimony and Faith.

Multi-Zone II in Trujillo

Here they are ....
Esperanza, Virú,  Porvenir, and Este Zones.

We had an uplifting Conference today
and we feel greatly blessed.

We have the best missionaries in the WORLD!
We were all taught by President Turk, the Assistants
and of course the Zone Leaders.

Below our Elders are practicing missionary conversations....  
I used to crack up before the mission when our tutors on Skype
 would ask me to practice with them.
Then when I arrived at the MTC and some of the 
twelve apostles came in and practiced with us...
I was so grateful that I had done my homework.

Missionaries waiting to come in the field....  practice conversations
with your friends and neighbors.
Families... this is a fun way to help your children
feel comfortable talking about the Gospel...
Practice during FHE. 

Virú zone has had their agendas all personalized with their group photo
and with their goals on the front...

They are focused and they are Wonderful...
My eyes tear up as I look at them.

We have two more Zone Conferences.
One in Chimbote and One in Huaraz.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Multi-Zona Numero Uno

We had our first multi zone conference in Trujillo today.
Tomorrow we have the second half of Trujillo.
It was a success!

President Turk and I were at dinner tonight alone.
When we have a minute together
there is not a silent moment...
So many children to talk about.

I am a little nervous about how silent
our dinners might be when we return home.
We will be going from being with 230 missionaries
to 4 children and 6 grandchildren.
What a change!

Took a few photos of some of the nuevos....
Just enjoy all the photos.

Here are some of our awesome Hermanas.

We had five zones in today...
Palermo, Laureles, Casa Grande, Primavera and Central.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Prep Day with Esperanza

Are you tired of Esperanza yet?
Sorry, when it rains it pours.
They are working so hard
and they invited us to their Preparation Day.
We believe that 
after we work hard... We play hard!

We had a great little lunch...

and then we were off to the Horse Show...
We have so many young ones in the mission
that haven't seen the show yet.
It is such perfect weather 
and this is a fun cultural event.
It makes for a fantastic afternoon.
 We had the whole show to ourselves except for the couple from Hawaii.

I have seen this show many times
and we had to say goodbye to the performers and owners today.

The little boy will be all grown up when we come back.

Thanks Esperanza for inviting us for the fun.

Elder Hurley's Goodbye Song

Yes...  this is the song that Elder Hurley wrote
 and sang to us on his last day in the mission.
Thank you Elder ....  We love it!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beautiful Baptisms...

It was a perfectly beautiful night for a baptism....
or two or three or twelve ...

Really there were 20 baptisms just in the Esperanza Zone
for this week alone.
They are flying.

These Elders know that when you are doing all you physically can
to do the Lord's work...
Then He will bless and help you spiritually.
There have been many sweet stories that go along with 
each of these baptisms.

Thank you Esperanza Zone
for your enthusiasm in the work of the Lord.

It makes mission life so great!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deja Vu

In September of 2010, President Turk was working
out in Laredo with these missionaries...
Elder Farnsworth and Elder Whiting.

They taught a man named Julio.
The seed was planted but there was no commitment.
These missionaries are long gone
in fact, Elder Whiting is married.

Today President Turk was teaching with 
Elder Spencer and Elder Aguilar
in Laredo...  
They told President Turk that they were going
to visit a man that has been attending very regularly
and should be baptized but it hasn't happened.

They walked up to the door
and President Turk started to have some
major Dejá Vu.
Julio, the investigator, opened the door
and he remembered President Turk.
They embraced.
The man asked him why he was here.
President replied..
It's time to be baptized Julio.
Julio started to cry
and accepted to be baptized on Saturday.
He was so thankful for the 
little push from President Turk.

They had two more glorious lessons...

The driver of this combi.. . mini van
has been a member in Laredo for just 3 and half months
and  now he is in the young men's Presidency and 
the big transportation man for Church on Sunday.

Laredo is in great hands.  Thank you Elders
for another grand day with the President.

Every day is unique.
Every day is a gift.
Every day is as exciting as you make it.

We have loved Every Single Day of our Mission!

Hard Work... Blessed Lives

President was working in Esperanza yesterday.
Esperanza is in a teaching frenzy.
They have giant goals and they are reaching them.

President taught lessons with Elder Cañarte and one of our
new ones... Elder Valladolid.

Missionary work is so much more exciting
when you are working as hard as you can
and you have high goals and 
you don´t stop until 
you reach them.

You see results... lives are changed...
People are happy
They will thank you and pray for you for the rest of their lives.

You are filled with happiness beyond belief.

Mis Hijos...

Look at this picture of all these returned missionaries
at the Lima airport
saying goodbye to our last group that 
was going home.

I love when they do this.
Thanks for taking care of each other!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Circle of Life....

When Elder Cook opened his mission call
He had his friend Gavin Hales there.

His good friend Gavin, is holding the prize for guessing where his friend
would be going.

A few months later... Elder Gavin Hales was called to the same mission. 

They have both worked very hard and have been fantastic missionaries.

Yesterday at changes...  
Elder Cook was waiting for his new companion
 And Happy day all is Well...
His new companion is his friend Elder Hales.
They were assigned to work together for Elder Cook's 
last couple of changes in the mission.
They are both Zone Leaders serving in Primavera

They really can't stop smiling.
We know that they will accomplish great 
things together...

And the great work goes on happily ever after...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

28 New Assignments....

Okay here we go...

Elder Perez is being trained by Elder España
and they will be working in Central.

Elder Pauccar is being trained by Elder Colonio
and they are working in Chimu

Elder Pecho´s trainer is Elder Acuña
and they are working in Esperanza

Elder Porter is being trained by Elder Coronado
and they will be in Otuzco

Elder Rodriquez is being trained by Elder Prestwich
and they are working in San Luis

Elder Smith is now the father to Elder Tejada
and they are working in Vista Alegre

Elder Valcarcel is being trained by Elder Palomino
and they are in the area of Los Pinos

Elder Cañarte is training Elder Valladolid
and they are in Robles.

Hermana Arancibia is being trained by Hermana Bedoya 2
and they are in the area Primavera

Hermana Dahua is being trained by Hermana Pocco
in Nuevo Chimbote

Hermana Flores is being trained by Hermana Rojas
in the area of California

Hermana Grow is being trained by Hermana Bedoya 1
in the Primavera area.

Elder Randall is training Elder Arias
and they are working in Chan Chan

Elder Boekweg is being trained by Elder Zavaleta
and they are serving in Independencia

Elder Bramble is being trained by Elder Almonacid
in the area called 2 de Mayo

Elder Arana is training Elder Ccama
in Huamachuco

Elder Ordoñez is training Elder Condori
in San Jacinto

Elder Oyarzun is training Elder Cunningham
and they are working in Huarmey

And what´s this...
Elder Mecham has a son everyone.
and he just happens to be from Morgan Utah too.
Elder Mecham is training Elder Davis
and they will be working in 
La Rinconada

Elder Romney is training Elder Dority
and they are working in Trujillo

Elder Guillen is being trained by Elder Contreras
and they are working in La Merced

Elder Hernandez is being trained by Elder Quispe
in Laureles

Elder Dow is training Elder Huaylla
and they are working in Jazmines

Elder Iturralde is being trained by Elder Wood
and they are working in Buenos Aires

Elder Leavitt is being trained by Elder Espinoza
and they are working in Cartavio

Elder Meza is being trained by Elder Shimp
and they are serving in Granados

Elder Cottle is training Elder Morga
and they are working in Alto Moche

Elder Nelson is being trained by Elder Mano
in Buenos Aires

This group is fantastic.  We are thrilled to have them with us.
Welcome one and All
Trainers thank you so much...
We love and trust you.