Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, May 2, 2013

40 Souls ...

I love these Zone Leaders.
They walk in Faith and their Hearts are huge.
They have lofty goals and they are attainable with this Zone.

Everyone of these Elders are motivated to get the job done.
President Turk interviewed them all
and they have been bearing their testimonies
to him at the end of the interview.

Today he said that one of the Elders
explained his testimony like this...

 "Before I came on the mission,
I had the recipe. It was good to me.
But not until I came on my mission
did I start to cook the dish over and over again.
And I partook of this great food
and it became a part of me.
I want to keep this recipe close and make it often."

This is a beautiful analogy between having a testimony
and becoming truly converted.

This is what I want for each of my missionaries...
Total Conversion
for all the days of their lives.

I love you all!

Zona Esperanza Includes:
Zone Leaders:  Elder Northcott and Elder Palma
Elders:  Chatwin, Arteaga, Patiño,
Acuña, Ortellado, Barrios, Cardenas, Cañarte,
Cutipa, Garcia, Gutiérrez, Orellano,
Robles, Tello, and Zapata

Locals:  Fernandez, Ramirez, and Torres