Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Facers

Elder Facer's family came to pick him up.
They arrived Sunday and were here to participate
in the Testimony meeting, the Family Home Evening
and the Goodbye Lunch today in the Mission Home.

They are from Idaho Falls. 
It is nice to finally meet them.
Elder Braxton Facer was in the office right next to 
my desk for about 9 months.  
I feel like I already knew everything about them.
They are going to do a few things here in Trujillo
and then head to Machu Picchu.

We put all this precious cargo on the plane this afternoon.
Talk about sad...

I will love you all forever and ever.
Our new ones arrive at 9:00 tonight due to Holiday Schedules.
I am sending all of these home and only receiving 4 new ones.
Send me more Missionaries... Please.
I think we are down to only 210.

Como Puedo Ser...

How Can I Be.... like Jesus Christ

Those leaving in this group...  Elders:  Facer, Hargis, Munson, Pickett, Briones, Tagle, Valdivia, Mikesell, Elmer, Whitehead, Hermanas:  McVey, Hererra, Montes, and Lazo

Future Mission Presidents...

We had our Goodbye- Family Home Evening on Sunday night
because of the Holiday and flight changes this week.
Thirteen are heading home today.

Here they go ... back into the real world.  SAD!
I hate to let them go but they are all ready for the next chapter.
This group is full of future Stake Presidents, Relief Society Presidents,
Bishops, Primary Presidents, Gospel Doctrine Teachers and Mission Presidents
They might serve in the nursery... it doesn't matter where they serve
but how they serve.  Just keep doing what you have 
been doing here in the mission.

While the President was giving his last hurrah....
I ran inside where the office Elders had set up their Sunday night 
nerve center in the Mission Home.

Sunday Evening is when all of the results for the week are called in.
And this week being Change week is when
the Assistants have to call each Zone Leader and go over 
each missionaries assignment.
Elder Wright and Elder Vera were busy at their task.

After all the calls came in...

And all the tallying was finished...

It was official... a record breaking week...  Congratulations to Everyone!

Elder Valdivia and Elder Briones look great behind the President's desk.
I won't be surprised when they are called as Mission Presidents someday.

We know that we are going to see great things
from all of this group that is leaving.

but oh, how we will miss them!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Need More White...

 Last night we were speaking at a Stake Conference adult meeting
and President received a text message saying that 
the family we had over to our house
the other night was getting baptized.
When we were finished, we hopped in the car
and ran to another Stake Center
on the other side of town.

When we got there, several others were there to be baptized.
There were so many baptisms yesterday throughout the mission
that the missionaries had a hard time finding enough white clothing.
Office Elders saw the bat signal flashing and they 
had to drop everything to fly to the office, 
gather the extra white clothing there and flag taxis
to head to the Stake Centers in need.

What a beautiful problem to have.
But we need to get going Stakes to make
sure that we have plenty of white modest clothing.
We are going to be baptizing more and more.
The work is moving forward.
We need people called in each Stake to take care of the clothing,
 to make sure that it is in the right place 
at the right time.

Another recored breaking week.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Conference is Over...

We said goodbye to our sweet friends and 
flew home last night.
Hermanas: Prince, Ghent, Blunck and Dorius...
I love them.

But before we caught our flight
there was just enough time to catch a bite
of our favorite SUBWAY sandwich.

Our batteries and our bellies are recharged and ready to fly.
Thank you to our leaders and friends
for a fun few days.
We have been enriched.

Until next time...

Four Generations ...

Elder Facer popped into the office to pick something up
and we realized that we had four
Financial Secretaries
right here together.
We had to take a photo.

Elder Facer leaves this next week for home which is Idaho.
Elder Brian followed Elder Facer in the Finance chair and now has been 
President's right hand man as personal secretary.
He will be leaving to go out as Zone Leader.

Elder Brian trained Elder Richards to be financial Secretary
and now he is training him to be the Personal Secretary.

Elder Richards looks like he is ready to be the Personal Secretary
I had to put all of these pictures on because
He has a freakishly wide arm span... 
that is why he is such a great swimmer
for BYU 

Elder Richards
is now training Elder Cook.
Elder Cook is our newest Financial Secretary.
We want to welcome him to the office.
Elder Richards gave Elder Cook
all the money 
to run the mission 
for the next year.
Elder Cook was a little confused.
"You are kidding, Right?"

Elder Cook is going to be a great addition to the office.
He is from Spanish Fork and loves to Golf.
And now we hope that he loves to 
balance the budget.

We are so blessed to have such capable Elders throughout the mission.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Could Write a Book...

We were in training all day with these gentlemen.
Elder Uceda, Elder Pino and Elder Waddell
all of the First Quorum of the Seventy.
This is the SouthAmerican NorthWest Area Presidency.
They are over five countries...
Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, & Venezuela.
Their hands are full!

We have 25 Mission Presidents and spouses
and then of course the office staff and Doctors and Lawyers etc...
These are great people that we get to associate with.

I was just taking random pictures while we were getting ready for the real photographer.

Below are some of our favorites...
the Dorius' and the Bluncks,
We love to get together and compare notes
on anything and everything.

Oh the stories we can tell...
We could really write a best seller 
and here are some of the possible titles...

"Memoirs of a Mission Mom"
"Wait 'til your Mission President Gets Home"
 "Angels and Stinkers"
"Could You Please Repeat that Elder"
"Mystery: Elder Plum in the Mission Home with the Brass Plates"
"Line Upon Line ... Ingrown upon Ingrown"

It is late and these are ridiculous...
If I think about it for a minute
I will get a great one.

But for now.... I will stop!

My Real title would be something about 
"Too Many Blessings To Count"
"Miracles Never Cease"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lima, Perú

We are in Lima, Perú
for our Mission Presidents Seminar.

We are in a very tall hotel.
And we are in an Earthquake Zone.
Good Luck to us!
I´m kidding... I am not nervous.
Come what may and love it... Right?

I hope that if we are in the big earthquake
that our Assistants
remember what to do
as we have practiced our earthquake drills.
I want them to bring in the herd.
I know they will.
Elder Wright and Elder Vera
are very capable.

President Turk
looks very Presidential in the dimmed
light of the hotel room.
He never wastes a minute of his time.
It only I could be this disciplined.

The second he stops 
he catches a little power nap
and then on to bigger and better things,

Tomorrow is a busy Day.
I better sign off and get some zzzzzzz´s
I'm drifting already.
Good Night!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Elder Whitehead.... Don't Go!

This is our Sweet Elder Whitehead.
He is leaving a week early to get home 
for his sister's wedding.
So we took the Assistants and the 
Traveling Assistants to 
dinner with Elder Whitehead tonight.
The traveling Assistants just got in from Casma today
and tomorrow morning they head to Casa Grande.
They are doing great things.
We had to stop by the Plaza de Armas on the way home
so that Elder Whitehead could see it lit up
one last time.
He has been an excellent missionary.
I have a feeling that
he will miss the mission and the mission will miss him.
His mission will have a lifetime effect on him.  
There are things that you learn on a mission
that you can learn no where else.

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare 
with the joy that a man feels
when he realizes that he has been the instrument 
in the hands of the living God 
of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God
and the desire to serve Him."

President Heber J. Grant

It has been our privilege to serve along side of you, Elder Whitehead.
We wish you the best of everything in your life.
We love you and will miss you..
Well Done!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a Hair Raising Experience

It's that time again... You know the routine.
Every six weeks new missionaries arrive
and some of our old missionaries leave.
This creates the ripple affect through out the mission.
It is called Changes around here.
 I watch closely from my bedroom window
that looks down upon the President's home office.

He ponders and prays while he carefully arranges the missionaries
lives for their next 6 weeks.
The most amazing thing is that he has any hair left on his head.
When he is stewing over decisions 
his hands are all over his head, fingers brushing through his hair.
The same when he is talking on the phone...
one hand on the phone
the other in the hair.
Whatever he is doing is very successful.
Let him release the tension 
with a good old fashion
Dutch Rub
minus the headlock.

I love to watch over him 
while he is studying or contemplating or reading
or praying downstairs 
in his office.

Thanks for the fishbowl honey...
You are entertaining.

What a Difference a Year Makes!

A year and a half ago we were meeting in this tent
while they were building a new Chapel
in Virú.

And now look at this beautiful building!
We had our District Conference 
here today
and it was a packed house.

It is so exciting to see actual growth
in numbers and in the people themselves.
They are blossoming right before my very eyes.
I love Virú.

President Turk is the presiding authority over the Districts,
So his counselors are always at these Meetings.
And then of course there is a District President and one of his counselors
 in this picture too.

Thank you to all the people in Virú
for your strength and your help
with our great missionaries there.
What a difference a year makes...
You can get a lot done... if you just keep doing!

Let's Getter Done!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Small and Simple...

I love when we are out and about and we see some of our 
missionaries talking to people on the street
about the Gospel.
By small and simple things are great things 
brought to pass.
They were actually waiting for the missionaries
that the President was dropping off
but they didn't want to waste a second
of their time.

They are on the Lord's errand.

Elder Wright and Elder Mieles 
hooked up with Elders Canaan and Whitelock
and went out on exchanges.
They had a lot of success, and a great afternoon.

Alma 37:6

 Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; 
but behold I say unto you,
 that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; 
and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

You know the Church is true when the missionary program
is made up of 19 to 26 year old young men and women.
I have seen them confound the wise.
They are definitely directed and guided by the
Spirit of the Lord.
I see it every day... It is Beautiful.
Whom God Calls .... He Qualifies!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

Every single day you have to have your camera ready
or you will miss something unusual.
This morning President was caught in this traffic jam.
The police were standing at the pineapple cart enjoying
the view and their food... The traffic jams are usually
undone by a taxi driver that will jump out
and start to untangle everyone...
Never the Police!

I always talk about dogs living on the roof tops here.
But this dog died and they stuffed
the dog and put it back up on the roof.  
A little creepy, No?
President was with Elder Yat and Elder Terry who are some of our Zone Leaders.
They taught some amazing lessons with a few families
They have some funny little characters out in 
the different neighborhoods.
This picture was taken at a public playground.
The water towers are different in each area.
I use them for my landmarks when I drive.
This barbecue cart below is ran by one of the members
in this neighborhood.  He is serving up
grilled chicken hearts, chicken feet and wings
and other things...

Elders Ramos and Rengifo had a great afternoon
with the President.

There are always neighborhood volleyball games going on.
Sometimes they take over the whole street and you have to back up your car
and try to find a different road to get you to your destination.
This red sticker is stuck to the front of the homes
indicating that you have payed your taxes.
No matter where you go in this city
you will run into large piles of rock and sand.
Construction sites are everywhere and this is what they build with
I always want to run up these little mounds of materials
or drive right through them.
I know, real mature of me!
It makes everyday exciting... What will I run into tomorrow?