Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, April 30, 2012

Future Mission Presidents...

We had our Goodbye- Family Home Evening on Sunday night
because of the Holiday and flight changes this week.
Thirteen are heading home today.

Here they go ... back into the real world.  SAD!
I hate to let them go but they are all ready for the next chapter.
This group is full of future Stake Presidents, Relief Society Presidents,
Bishops, Primary Presidents, Gospel Doctrine Teachers and Mission Presidents
They might serve in the nursery... it doesn't matter where they serve
but how they serve.  Just keep doing what you have 
been doing here in the mission.

While the President was giving his last hurrah....
I ran inside where the office Elders had set up their Sunday night 
nerve center in the Mission Home.

Sunday Evening is when all of the results for the week are called in.
And this week being Change week is when
the Assistants have to call each Zone Leader and go over 
each missionaries assignment.
Elder Wright and Elder Vera were busy at their task.

After all the calls came in...

And all the tallying was finished...

It was official... a record breaking week...  Congratulations to Everyone!

Elder Valdivia and Elder Briones look great behind the President's desk.
I won't be surprised when they are called as Mission Presidents someday.

We know that we are going to see great things
from all of this group that is leaving.

but oh, how we will miss them!