Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

Every single day you have to have your camera ready
or you will miss something unusual.
This morning President was caught in this traffic jam.
The police were standing at the pineapple cart enjoying
the view and their food... The traffic jams are usually
undone by a taxi driver that will jump out
and start to untangle everyone...
Never the Police!

I always talk about dogs living on the roof tops here.
But this dog died and they stuffed
the dog and put it back up on the roof.  
A little creepy, No?
President was with Elder Yat and Elder Terry who are some of our Zone Leaders.
They taught some amazing lessons with a few families
They have some funny little characters out in 
the different neighborhoods.
This picture was taken at a public playground.
The water towers are different in each area.
I use them for my landmarks when I drive.
This barbecue cart below is ran by one of the members
in this neighborhood.  He is serving up
grilled chicken hearts, chicken feet and wings
and other things...

Elders Ramos and Rengifo had a great afternoon
with the President.

There are always neighborhood volleyball games going on.
Sometimes they take over the whole street and you have to back up your car
and try to find a different road to get you to your destination.
This red sticker is stuck to the front of the homes
indicating that you have payed your taxes.
No matter where you go in this city
you will run into large piles of rock and sand.
Construction sites are everywhere and this is what they build with
I always want to run up these little mounds of materials
or drive right through them.
I know, real mature of me!
It makes everyday exciting... What will I run into tomorrow?