Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lima, Perú

We are in Lima, Perú
for our Mission Presidents Seminar.

We are in a very tall hotel.
And we are in an Earthquake Zone.
Good Luck to us!
I´m kidding... I am not nervous.
Come what may and love it... Right?

I hope that if we are in the big earthquake
that our Assistants
remember what to do
as we have practiced our earthquake drills.
I want them to bring in the herd.
I know they will.
Elder Wright and Elder Vera
are very capable.

President Turk
looks very Presidential in the dimmed
light of the hotel room.
He never wastes a minute of his time.
It only I could be this disciplined.

The second he stops 
he catches a little power nap
and then on to bigger and better things,

Tomorrow is a busy Day.
I better sign off and get some zzzzzzz´s
I'm drifting already.
Good Night!